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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. vilhelm44
    I had to sell the ZX2 unfortunately, that's why I'll be using the Mojo with the S5. I also found it strange that Sony produced an under-powered player and pushed the PHA-3, but using easy to drive IEMs, it was fine for me.
    By the way, will the quality of the OTG cable have an affect on SQ? Do you have any recommedations for cables please?
  2. Tony1110

    I went from ZX2 to Mojo. I think the Mojo presentation is cleaner and less warm than ZX2. It's a signature I prefer for my IEMs and there's power to spare for more demanding headphones.

    It works brilliantly with S5 but you will need software. I recommend UAPP - especially if you're a Tidal user. You get no interference from the phone even when connected to the Internet.

    So far as cables are concerned, I use a cheap adapter from Amazon with the cable that came with Mojo. There are other options available and I'm eyeing up the Silver Dragon OTG from Moon Audio.
  3. vilhelm44
    Thanks Tony. I'm just about to hit the buy button on Amazon :). Will this cable do the trick?
  4. h1f1add1cted
    I did my tests again, it's no measuring error. I did the tests with RMAA and Audacity as usual I did this kind of tests like all the years before.

    The impedance of the load has zero impact (see my examples),  I always have a ruler flat frequency, the only impact has the amount of drivers see below:
    new2.png new1.png
    Again the small bass roll off is not from Mojo it's the sound card itself. The only truth is the slight treble roll off of which only happens with multi driver IEM, the impedance has zero impact like my 14 ohms IEM still straight flat line.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    -1.5dB at 20 kHz is effectively inaudible with music IMO, but it is interesting all the same. 
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  6. all999
    Really interesting. I don't hear any roll off with my 11ohm FLC8.
  7. h1f1add1cted
    Not all multiple driver IEM have the same impedance curve etc. so it will not always the same. But with multiple driver IEMs this can happen, like my example. You can measure them with RMAA / Audacity is pretty easy you only need a Windows machine with a sound card which has a line-in or a microphone input an a Y split and a mini to mini cable.
    Yes I know, I really love the sound of the Mojo, I only measure all my portable devices for personal interest. To me the small treble roll off is not a big number sure, but I don't get it why this happens with this crazy awesome low 0.075 ohms output impedance from Mojo. This "normally" only happens with source which provide over 1 ohms output impedance with multiple driver IEM.
  8. salla45
    Hi, ive also just ordered the mojo and run an S5. 
    i found this on ebay, or was recommended it by another member, can't remember, things move so fast on here, lol!
    ill hopefully get the mojo tomorrow and this during the week also, ill let you know how i get on! Your item selected should work also, I have one similar but not right angled and it works fine with my NANO IDSD IFI unit, and also the S5 plays the DSD files just fine using USB AUDIO PLAYER PRO software.
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  9. Tony1110
  10. vilhelm44
    Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated.
  11. sandalaudio
    The so-called "impedance" value of IEM is just a nominal value that is not constant across all frequencies and don't mean much above 10kHz.
    A 50 ohm impedance IEM could have 2 ohm response at 5kHz, etc.
    If you look at graphs on Innerfidelity etc, some IEMs effectively act as a short or open at higher frequencies based on the driver and crossover configurations.
    The main point here is that Mojo is behaving differently to other common high powered headphone amps, and it would be good to get some insight from Chord about why this might be the case. If the testing method is to be blamed or whatever, it's still showing differences between Mojo and other amps nonetheless.
  12. micropixel

    Thanks musicheaven.

    I decided to cannibalize the stereo plug from an existing cable as I like these Neutrik connectors :)
  13. salla45
    No worries. No sure you may be aware or have been told, but the S5 with lollipop should play even without the USB AUDIO PLAYER PRO app, it does for me, eg, tidal, or player pro, etc. But i think the USB Player specifically bypasses the android 48khz limitation and allows native playing of DSD and HD Flacs, which is nice :)
    Makes the phone a quite nice transport. Have yet to assess the interference level pple are mentioning when the units are close together and phone not in flight mode. Sort of defeats the phone idea, lol; having to have it in flight mode.  Im due for an upgrade in Jan, may well keep the S5 just as a player.
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  14. imattersuk
    Spent a few hours last night comparing the following;
    iPad Air - CCK - Mojo supplied cable
    LG G4 - Lindy OTG cable (amazon about £6)
    Using Tidal HIFI streaming FLAC
    So in theory there shouldn't be any difference, in practice the LG blew away the iPad !!!
    One point to note, Mojo when connected to the G4 displays the blue 192khz light, has from day 1 regardless of whether using the built in LG music app, Onkyo HF, Tidal etc. Surely the phone is not upsampling to 192 ? I thought a lot of Android phones upsample to 48 but not 192 ???
    G4 was more detailed, more open, made the iPad sound rather flat in comparison so the question in my mind is;
    Is the G4 doing / adding something and the iPad outputting a "pure" signal or is the CCK having a detrimental effect ?
    Final point, the iPad generates a LOT of interference if you are for example browsing using Safari whilst listening, scrolling the page introduces lot's of unwanted cracks and pops.
  15. sandalaudio
    There was an early post that had some pictures that Chord might be developing attachments to make life easier for Android and iPhone users, so that they don't have to put up with messy OTG cables. Not sure if it's coming out though.
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