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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. sandalaudio
    That's like asking "what car should I buy?" .... The best way is to test drive a lot of different models at a local dealer, and hopefully find a bargain.
    Fortunately the amp market doesn't get obsolete as rapidly as USB DACs, so you should find many bargains that are more than adequate.
    One issue may be that a lot of the new compact affordable amps nowadays come with a USB DAC function which is kind of obsolete if you already have a Mojo (e.g. Quad Vena, Cambridge Minx, NAD D3020 etc). You would want to get something fairly substantial to get the best out of the Mojo.
    Also if you want the simplest desktop solution without any fuss and cost then maybe a pair of active monitor speakers are better.
    The only things you need to be aware of is to make sure you don't turn up the Mojo's volume too loud, because the voltage goes dangerously high to fry a line input on some poorly designed amplifiers (that's why Mojo has a dedicated fixed line output mode).
  2. equedadoii
    mmm.. thanks again for all this.
    i just glanced into another thread about the b6, and someone mentioned the mackie mr mk3 powered speakers.
    i guess i'm just drawn to all the initial hype about the b6, that it stands to be a super good value for years to come.
    that's really what it comes down to for me. why i've splurged on the mojo.
    and, if a dedicated amp stands to benefit my incoming modded grados (magnum v6 drivers) in addition to providing speaker functionality,
    then i'd be willing to venture down a path governed not exclusively by simplicity ("the simplest desktop solution").
    but again, it's super informative input as i move forward. thanks!
  3. sandalaudio
    I don't think an additional amplifier will give you much benefit over Mojo on the Grado (whether Magnum or stock drivers). It depends on your sound preference of course, but Chord Mojo is an amazing headphone amp that can easily drive a Grado and sound great.
    You would need a substantial investment to better the headphone output on the Mojo (that's the main reason why people are buying Mojo to begin with), and I don't think any onboard headphone outlet on an integrated amp would be any good. Remember that the driving ability of Mojo is much higher than many of the large mains-powered desktop headphone amps.
  4. equedadoii
    ah, so, that being the case,
    a dedicated amp would only be useful towards the b6. it'd be redundant towards the grado.
    guess it is in my best interests to find a powered speaker that meshes well with the mojo's line out then.
  5. aoqw76
    in device settings, it's the second option. Event style wasapi is now the default, but it can be disabled by ticking option 2. It's probably left unchecked but worth making sure.
  6. jarnopp

    That, or keep in mind there are 1) headphone amps that probably won't be enough for speakers, 2) amplifiers that will power speakers and take the input from the Mojo as the only "preamp" signal and power the speakers (using the Mojo for headphones), 3) an integrated amplifier that can take the Mojo along with other sources and output to speakers, and finally 4) a separate preamp/amp setup. It depends on your whole system configuration. It sounds like you want to integrate your digital audio into your home system, which means the Mojo will likely primarily be used as a dac between a transport (computer, phone, Apple TV, etc) and an amp or pre-amp.
  7. SearchOfSub
    So Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 better than Mojo?
  8. micropixel
    Just finished making another coax cable for FiiO X5ii this time with 2 L-shaped connectors. This trss 4 pole connector is bigger than my previous one so it's much easier to solder. For the connector on Mojo end I have used a normal stereo 3 pole connector - just solder Left and Ground points, leaving the Right point unused. I have used a RG179 silver plated copper/steel 75ohm coax cable. Tested to work fine. Low profile so quite flushed, loving it!



  9. musicheaven

    Wonderful finish and really form fitting. Funny enough I spotted a few mono right angle connectors for my X5 so that might be the way to go for me but got to say you did a great job. Enjoy your stack! :wink_face:
  10. equedadoii
    this is quite right,
    but i'm not so sure i understood all of those characterizations lol.
    when i'm looking at amps, i'm going to have a fairly tough time telling what falls into 1 to 4. in any case, thanks for the input!
  11. vilhelm44
    Hi Guys,
    I'm thinking of picking the Mojo up and have a few questions. These have probably been answered before and apologies if they have:
    Does it matter what you use for transport; will the sound be the same from all transport devices? I will be using a Samsung S5. Also, as far as I know the S5 doesn't play DSD files. Would I have to get a transport that plays DSD natively in order to work through the Mojo?
    Do you have to buy the connecting cable seperately or does it come with this?
    I'm coming from a Sony ZX2. Any opinions on whether the Mojo is a step up in SQ and if so, how?
  12. sandalaudio
    To hook up the Mojo to an Android phone, you will need some application that works with external DACs (I use Onkyo HF player but there are others). You will also need what's called an Android OTG cable, which is not included with Mojo. Most electronics shops sell these OTG cables.
    People say there are some slight sound differences depending on the transport, particularly for S/PDIF, but I haven't noticed it much for USB connection.
    Mojo will be an upgrade from NW-ZX2 if you are wanting to drive difficult headphones. ZX2 sounds great as it is, but the output power is somewhat feeble and the volume caps out if you try to drive inefficient headphones. Things begin to feel thin an lumpy. The great thing about Mojo is that it can take most headphones without a sweat. Sound quality wise, it's up to personal choice but I preferred the Mojo because ZX2 sounded a bit heavy and congested in the low mid and bass although the high mids were really beautiful. It wasn't what I would call a speedy sounding DAP. Mojo feels a bit leaner but fluid.
    By the way if you want to hook up the Mojo to NW-ZX2 digitally then you would need to buy the Walkman digital out cable WMC-NWH10.
  13. NZtechfreak

    Not quite correct, some Android devices will work with Mojo without a particular app (some of those will upsample/downsample though). DSD and so forth absolutely requires such an app however.
  14. vilhelm44
    Thanks for the answers guys, it's much appreciated. I wasn't going to buy the Mojo and just wait for the new Onkyo player but after reading a lot of reviews and posts, I don't think I'm going to be able to stop myself!
  15. sandalaudio
    The Onkyo DAP looks pretty useful if you want an all-in-one solution. Mojo as it is, is pretty fiddly if you want to use it on the move, because you need to juggle with USB cables.
    However, I think since you already have a good DAP like NW-ZX2, buying the Onkyo DAP may not necessarily be an "upgrade", unless you care about balanced output or native DSD.
    Sound quality aside, buying the Mojo is kind of like how Sony sells PHA-3 amp to go with NW-ZX2.
    FYI, I never understood Sony's approach. They make a super expensive, very good sounding DAP like NW-ZX2 with a unique D/A conversion system (S-Master), and then they tell you, "if you want to drive powerful headphones, you will have to plug in PHA-3, which bypasses all the D/A and amp section from ZX2, and replace it with something pretty generic like ESS Sabre and some opamps"... It's bizarre.
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