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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. AndrewH13
    When listening to bird song, I agree it is not cold and clinical, but then neither is any neutral sound :wink:.
    However, I don't have many nature albums.​ But I do listen to quite a few bands up close in local venues. When I am near a drummer, a struck cymbal sounds quite clinical and many would say harsh, but that is how it sounds. I like to get this sound when I hear a live or studio recording, but I feel so much equipment now rolls off this impact, creating a warm cosy sound.  Maybe this is to appeal to people who have grown up on mp3s, streaming, bass heavy headphones from you-know-who and generally an intolerance to crisp treble of the digital age.
    I heard the respected Oppo PM3 headphones and couldn't believe the warm cosy sound with so little impact. They had a lovely sweet midrange, but overall not for me, if I hear a rock band, they got to rock! Great for those who want that type of lush sound.
    I thank Chord for producing some of the most natural, neutral equipment available, starting at the bargain price Mojo, the amazing Hugo, and the fantastic sounding TT. I feel only the Mojo has the slightest bit of warmth, if a few people find that clinical, they are probably looking at the wrong brand.
  2. GreenBow
    I just used bird-song as an example. For me though anything would do. Like the acoutics guitar. However that's my opinion and I am not saying it's right. I just find sound has a warm nature.
    I have no dispute either with the Hugo. I have the Mojo here unopened and am still deliberating returning and taking a Hugo. (Or I might just stick with my Meridian Explorer for a while, because it's a beautiful smooth sounding DAC.)
    [Just throwing this out there. Listen to Tanita Tikaram - Preyed Upon. Last track on her Ancient Heart album. It has nice cymbals. I love the line she sings, "I need time... to complicate you".]
  3. h1f1add1cted

    The Mojo has zero difference in bass but the roll off in the highs are correct. I measured my Mojo with RMAA and my Harmony 8 Pro IEM (the slight bass roll off is only from my cheap sound card for recording the signal, in real world is the bass straight):
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  4. NikonGuy
  5. OK-Guy
    the only real world comparison is Hugo, Hugo-TT or Dave, hth... [​IMG] 
  6. ThatPhil
    The E series are the latest grados and I can confirm that the 325e sounds amazing with Mojo.
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  7. OK-Guy
    I now feel like some type of guru... I was told it was the 325i but he probably meant the new 325e, he's a busy guy but I will get clarification next time I speak to him. 
  8. musicheaven

    Sounds about right. Anyone would be bliss to one's collection.
  9. grrorr76

    How does the t1 sound with the Mojo I have the T1 and a Mojo on the way so Id be interested hearing your thoughts.
  10. OK-Guy
    I remember buying that Album when it first came out from Our Price Music in Eltham, weirdly I used to remember the shops I used to buy my tunes in... now I just buy from Amazon, not as much fun as spending hours in a record-shop and walking out with nish but never feeling disappointed.
    ps... wonderful album, she went backwards after it imho.
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  11. Tony1110

    I was thinking about buying the PS500e. Are the thick cables a problem at all?
  12. hanaguro

    Me too.
  13. ThatPhil
    Not for desktop use but a definite pain when moving around.
  14. u2u2

    Received a Mojo yesterday and gave it an extreme workout using a retina MacBook with the USB C adapter. No connectivity issues and the performance was top notch. Used Audirvana for the most part and some iTunes. I have a small number of DSD files and used the included coupon to download some 256 files. Glad I got the MacBook with the 1.3 processor and 512 GB storage. It has all the needed capability and as it is fan less, runs in total silence. If you go in that direction you will probably be very pleased.
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  15. jellofund
    @ Mojo ideas
    Hi John,
    I've now returned my Mojo for another reason (may be entirely unconnected) but would still much appreciate some more info on the regulator issue. It would help me decide whether to go for a replacement or not and hopefully also prove useful to others owners in terms of ascertaining whether their Mojo is affected or not.
    ps. Congrats on the Mojo. The plaudits are well deserved.
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