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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. hitman1
             Is this the cable I need to get the MOJO to work with the NOTE 4?
  2. Hififox
    Yes the light worked as what you said. I connected it with my PC and it worked well. I also found a green led light under the charging usb port which is shown below. So that's means it already be full charged before?
  3. Superdrag81
    Same...i placed my order on 10/20 and no update yet.  I ordered into the 2nd batch as the first was mentioned as sold out...but just noticed that the message they had about the 2nd batch being delivered on 11/2 was removed from the page.  Makes me wonder if they got delayed yet again, really hoping not.  I understand they are at the mercy of the distributor shipping, but i'm a little let down in the communication.  It would be nice to know even an estimate of when to expect them, if nothing else.
  4. cloudkicker
    Not OTG cables are the same and I think it has to do with the power draw. I use this cable which works for me. I have an OnePlus One.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    That could work but it's an adaptor so you'd need to plug the supplied USB cable that came with the Mojo in to the female USB A end of the adaptor.

    For a more elegant solution you can use a single cable design:



    Or any of the variations found to work in the third post of this thread with links to OTG connections with Mojo. OTG USB works by shorting out a couple pins (forget which) on the connection ends so they aren't the same as regular USB data cables..

    You can read this page on Moon Audio's website to get more information on the how and why:

  6. Hififox
    OMG I found it should be the charging led light keep white. I realized the 3 buttons will keep on as white...
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    When the Mojo is fully charged the battery indicator light is blue-ish white. Green means less than full but still on the upper range of battery charge. White sampling rate (power button) means DSD input and if your volume buttons are white (Full Volume!!) I wouldn't hook up anything but very difficult to drive headphones to the headphone output as you'll destroy your ears.
  8. Hififox

    I thought the 3 buttons will keep white while charging... Then I double check the documents and I found it noticed the CHARGING LED(Not buttons!!!!) would keep white during charging... I hope I didn't reduce the battery life because I tried several chargers before, and also tried turning it on, off, charging, on, off....
  9. hitman1
    Thanks ordered the one (OTG CABLES) from Amazon. Hope this does the trick. Hated having to walk away from the Mojo today but I could not get it to work. Will go back and run this through it.
  10. lukeap69
    Try downloading Hibymusic from Google Play. It is free.
    Some ROMs do not support USB Audio out natively.
    When I was using LG G2 - Stock JB ROM supported my E18 natively. Then when I updated the ROM to Kitkat, USB Audio out was not supported natively. Then after a couple of updates again (still Kitkat), USB Audio out works again. Then Lollipop.
    So you can either try different ROMs and find out which one can output USB Audio natively or use music app Hibymusic or USB Audio Player Pro (paid).
    On my S6, Mojo output USB Audio natively but I still use UAPP as it can output higher resolution than the OS will.
  11. headwhacker
    When fully charged, the light under the USB charging connector should be blue. Green is somewhere in the middle.
  12. obsidyen
    If I wanted a separate iFi amp, I'd get the iCan as it's supposed to be a better amp (never heard it). I like the simplicity of all-in-one solutions though, I also like the fact that Mojo's dac and amp sections are one and the same, and that there's no separate amp section. That's quite unique and and one of the reasons why Mojo is technically so perfect. [​IMG] I like good designs, it's an art form indeed.
  13. musicheaven

    Couple of things, both devices use different DAC implementation so assuming both companies implement their unit with the same DAC the same way (very improbable but we have to start somewhere), the only comparison you could potentially make is with their K2M m920 and the Pulse since both use the same DAC, the m9xx uses a different DAC (AK4490) and probably internal components which will have the potential of sounding different so if you are looking for house sounds then acquiring the m9xxx will do that. You might like one more than the other, in this case sell the one you don't like but keep in mind it'll cost you something due the deep electronic cost depreciation, that's just the nature of the hobby. If it's not something you like doing then stay with the Pulse.

    Good luck!
  14. Mojo ideas
    Already imagined and more but it can't be quite like that as there are four different module to accommodate it's being refined and costed but it's great you guys can get a hint of where we are going with mojo it's more of a system that a product. But please be patient we want to get all this really right and not just okay.
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  15. Mojo ideas
    It's wrapped but has to be plastic
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