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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. ohcrapgorillas
    I've had and loved my Mojo for about two and a half years now. The only real issue I've had with it is finding an ideal portable transport for it, and I can't afford the Poly. My phone (LG V40) does an admirable job, I've also been using a Cayin N3 for about six months now, connecting it to Mojo through the SPDIF coax output (shared with USB). Actually, the Cayin makes an impressive transport for something so cheap, and I also use it with my office desktop rig (Modi Multibit, Massdrop CTH, and ZMF Classic, although I should note the Mojo does an absolutely smashing job of driving the Classic on its own).

    Last night I discovered the xDuuo X10T II, and placed an order. It's a digital-only DAP, no DAC or analog section. It seems ideal for me as I just want a portable transport for Mojo. I'm very excited to hear what this thing can do, but I'd also love to hear from someone who's heard it with Mojo, or someone who has heard both it and N3. Impressions are sparse out there as this thing is such a niche product. I'll be typing up a full review of the combo once I've had some time with it.
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  2. Matpar
    If you read some Pages back, you Will see that I own exactly that setup, Mojo and xduoo xt10 II.

    Connected through optical It works as a charm, also USB C to coax Is not that bad.

    Very cheap, clean, flexible solution. It can be used via Smartphone (hybi music), can read files OTG, and so on...
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  3. ohcrapgorillas
    Awesome, that's great to hear! Do you find one specific output (USB, coax, or optical) to be outright superior? Or are they basically all the same-ish? I was planning on mostly using the 3.5mm coax output but I've also heard that Mojo's best input is optical. Personally I have yet to hook mine up to any optical sources, I've only heard USB and coax, and the coax is superior.
  4. Matpar
    USB<coax<=optical to me, where coax might seems the "thicker" sounding otf the three, but optical has darker background, for all the reasons already discussed previously.
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  5. miketlse
    Never tried coax, but I have tried usb and optical, and now use optical for 100% of my listening.
    USB from my phone resulted in frequent clicks and other noticeable electrical noise, but this was removed by adding a ferrite. This resulted in clear sound, that sounded bright and exciting.
    Changing to optical resulted in clear sound, but without the added brightness.
    Once I realised that the added brightness, was caused by the low level electrical noise that Rob talks about in some of his posts, I decided to stay with optical because it represented the cleanest sound signature that I could hope for.

    Some owners prefer USB with the brighter sound, and others prefer the cleaner sound of optical - there is no one solution preferred by all owners.
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  6. DBaldock9
    Which portable source are you using, that has an optical output?
  7. miketlse
    My original mojo is mainly used as a desktop backup, with optical input, but I do have a shanling m1 for mobile use using usb. I have been tempted by the xduoo mentioned a few posts previously.
    I also have a second mojo that is used with poly, so no optical there.
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  8. ohcrapgorillas
    After listening for a while last night to Rage Against the Machine's self-titled album (24bit/192kHz rip of SACD remaster) with the Cayin N3 > Mojo combo, swapping between coaxial and USB, I definitely heard the effect that was mentioned earlier: USB sounds brighter, coax sounds more full and focused. Definitely a subtle effect, but for me the coaxial input is the winner, as I prefer a full-bodied sound. I'll be interested to try the optical input of the Mojo for the first time vs coaxial. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, e.g. Toslink has jitter built into its specs by design, whereas coax is 75 ohm by design and it's my understanding that you can't maintain true 75 ohm connection over a USB C port or a 3.5mm jack (nor can you achieve that with the RCA-style plug found in most desktop DACs, but that's what the manufacturers seem to have settled on regardless; as a side note, I'd love to see more full-sized DAC makers embrace the superiority of BNC connectors over RCA for digital coaxial inputs).
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  9. Totoxio
    I wonder if a well isolated coaxial input would be theoretically better than an optical input for Mojo, since the optical signal must be converted back to electrical inside the Mojo, potentially creating some sort of modulation within the Mojo's power supply (conversion requires power). Maybe someone with more knowledge on this supposition can chime in?
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  10. CJG888
    ...which brings us back to my suggestion of using a transformer. AFAIK, some DACs have a “pulse transformer” on the input. Is this just for isolation?
  11. goody
    which cable can i use with this and a sony zx300
  12. miketlse
    @GreenBow are you able to suggest a cable?
  13. GreenBow

    You need Sony WMC-NWH10 USB Conversion Cable for Hi Res Audio Output
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  14. alxw0w
    Can somebody tell me what's good USB charger for Mojo. I remember that "weak" chargers make that high pitch noise when the battery was almost fully charged.
  15. jarnopp
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