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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Totoxio
  2. Soundizer
    I spent 4 hours searching this thread and other websites.

    All I would like to know is simply how can i use the mojo DAC with a Stereo HIFI Amplifier - driving Speakers?

    This is not in the mojo manual, so i think it might not be a common requirement.
  3. Totoxio
    First, you need to buy a 3.5mm to stereo RCA adapter, like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-10...qid=1571578689&sprefix=3.5+to+rca+mono&sr=8-3

    Then, there are two options:

    1. If your amplifier is driven by a preamplifier (it means, there is a volume control and other switches and selectors), connect the 3.5mm end of the cable you just bought to the headphone output on the Mojo, and then each of the RCA jacks in the other end of the cable to one of the inputs on the back of your preamplifier. Turn on Mojo while pressing both volume balls, so you start in line out mode. Then turn on your preamplifier and amplifiers and slowly increase volume on your preamplifier and voila.

    2) Second option, connect your Mojo directly to your power amplifier, bypassing the preamp. Turn on Mojo and lower the volume to the minimum. Turn on power amp and slowly increase volume on your Mojo. Be extra careful because your Mojo is now acting as a preamplifier or volume control and if you start with your volume too high, you can blast your speakers. This connection has the best quality, just be careful.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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  4. jarnopp

    Nice instructions!

    One 3rd option, in some circumstances: if your speakers are efficient enough (at least over 90dB and over 95 is better) Mojo might be able to drive them directly. Follow the same instructions as #2. You will need a connection that goes from th headphone out of Mojo to the speakers. If you don’t go with a custom cable, an Audioquest headphone to RCA + RCA to BNC + BNC to speaker taps set of adapters can be readily found and then connected to your existing speaker cable.
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  5. Soundizer

    Excellent. My Speakers are the B&W 705 S2.

    Have not purchased the Amp yet, so maybe I can get a good Power Amplifier?

    any suggestions
  6. miketlse
    Chord TToby or Etude.
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  7. Totoxio
    I'd buy an amp that follows Chord philosophy, the minimum amount of elements in the signal path and minimum noise floor modulation and distortion.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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  8. JamieMcC
    Had a lot of fun driving a few of my speakers direct from the Mojo. Certainly think its a must try if you run a desk top set up you really might be quiet surprised. The smallest speakers in this pic are diy free range drivers in a Micro Fonken enclosure (Ikea Bamboo chopping boards) I made them for my daughters room Mojo certainly makes them sing, nearfield is seriously good.

    Sitting position is about seven feet away from the small ones in the pic.

    The largest speakers are at the back are 100dB swapping over from the small speakers to the larger ones I need to tur the volume down as they play to loud on the same setting!

    I only used inexpensive connectors to give it a try.



    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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  9. dakanao
    I think the most enjoyable difference the Mojo makes compared to my laptop, is that it gives my HD 650 and especially Beyerdynamic DT 150 a ''bigger'' sound, like everything in the drivers sounds more filled in, yet it doesn't boost or withdraw frequencies. Everything just has a stronger presence.

    This makes for an incredibly engaging sound in the DT 150, making even songs I've heard 100x enjoyable, because everything is so present yet non fatiguing.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  10. paulgc
    either would be on my wish list. But likely TT as i have a Hugo.
  11. NewForce
    Hi, anyone using an iPhone 11 Pro Max with Lightning-to-USB adaptor connecting a Chord Mojo?
    Does the SQ better than 11Pro Max direct to headphone?
    Does the lightning output limit to only 24-bit/48 kHz?
  12. abuanw
    My humble setup. Will add the RMT-NWS20.
    NW-A55, Mojo, IE80s, iphone5s+OnkyoHF
    I saw some posts asking if A55 and ZX300 works with mojo, technically yes. But you need to convert your files to DSD first if you like DSD and flac with high sample rate also changes the color of mojo. Personally I like the iphone because using OnkyoHF no need to convert files, it upsample your flac to 5.6MHz while playing.
  13. surfgeorge
    For what it's worth I am following a different philosophy and I avoid any manipulation of the digital data before the Mojo.
    The way Mojo works it is already upsampling the data, and I don't see how a SW or HW digital processor before the Mojo would extract more and more accurate information than the Mojo itself.
    Quite the contrary, I believe it might introduce artfacts into the data and I doubt that the Mojo can clean up the signal completely.

    And I think I remember reading that Rob Watts mentioned somewhere that DSD has some issues, but I am not sure.

    Anyway - I feed the best quality original data to the Mojo and keep it simple.
    Not saying I can prove that this is better, just to offer an alternative approach...
  14. GreenBow
    Hahaha, love it. (Actually saved pic to a folder.)
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  15. CJG888
    Almost by chance I have discovered how well the humble Beyer DT250 (250 Ohm version) works with the Mojo. Good tonal balance, plenty of detail and genuine stage depth.
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