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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. CaptainFantastic
    I also enabled the Developer Mode and went to Default USB Configuration. The choices here for USB functions are 1) Transferring Files 2) USB tethering 3) MIDI 4) Transferring Images 5) Charging only. There is no option for USB audio output function as this page seems to indicate would be needed for Android USB out: https://www.moon-audio.com/chord-mojo/faq.html#question5 .
  2. Devodonaldson
    I can play anything through the USB. Tidal, Google play Music, YouTube, VUDU, etc. UAPP sounds better, because no Android audio stack and resampling, but everything works fine via USB
  3. Devodonaldson
    Don't have the 9. Found this to be a problem for nearly everyone once the 9 updated to pie. No promises, but try in developer options turning on hardware acceleration, and attempt to play via USB.
  4. CaptainFantastic
    Thanks for the help all. It turns out that the Mojo works on all counts (streaming, etc.) with the S9. The OTG USB adapter I was using was not really OTG. Upon trying another one... perfection.
  5. emil2099
    Hey guys. Long time reader but first time poster here, but thought you may find it interesting.

    So I’ve been using Mojo for a while now but struggling with portability element of it, as needed to carry extra dongle / cable and avoiding scratching the metal case when it’s in the bag. I came up with the following portable solution for now: custom leather case with a pocket + Meenova lightning cable. Less of a problem for using at home or office, admittedly, but I am enjoying this fix.:ksc75smile:
  6. joshnor713
    Wow, that whole setup looks freakin fantastic. Sick case. Where is it from?
  7. emil2099
    Ha, thanks! This one is DIY job from some French goat leather...
  8. normanl
    I used optical cable to connect my desktop PC to Mojo DAC . Strangely, there is no sound coming out of headphone connected to Mojo using Mojo Driver (ASIO or WASPI) through JR Media Center. However, when I switched to Realtek HD audio Driver of the PC sound board (card) the sound then came out of headphone connected to Mojo. Could some one please explain to me why it did not work by using Mojo driver? Does double digital to analog conversion occur by using Realtek driver?
  9. GreenBow
    When you use USB, you are using a USB port on your PC. Maybe that is why you need a driver. When you use optical, you use digital out on your sound card, and the sound card does no audio processing. The PC just sends the bits to the optical port. You pick them up with a cable and DAC.

    While you would change the output in JRiver, you would also have to change it in Sound Control Panel. I use Realtek Digital Output. No idea if any of the other work. No worry about jitter since the DAC clocks the signal.

    I keep a shortcut to Sound on my desktop, for quick and regular access.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  10. bixby
    In my experience with Macbook and multiple Mac minis, optical was the worst input to a well vetted dac. Toslink in Macs have fairly high jitter. Any well vetted USB outperformed Toslink in any of my setups.

    Even when using usb to bridges via optical the sound was soft, lacked transient response and was generally mellow ...dull and hazy.

    You can talk all day about galvanic isolation with optical, but that does not make it best digital implementation outright. A well done USB can be much better, problem is many folks choose schitt implementations..
    Hooster likes this.
  11. Rozzko
    Tell me please Better USB cable than stock. Not for 300$ but cable that will be sound better than stock usb.tnanks
  12. GreenBow
    Optical is not restricted to 96Khz/24bit. If your cable and source can transmit 192KHz, the Chord DAC will run it.
  13. bixby
    Monoprice worked fine when I had the Mojo. Ones without ferrite.
    And the heavier gauge.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  14. dakanao
    What do you mean exactly with this? Do you mean you converter the USB signal to optical with a device, or something else?
  15. dgozalie
    i am using rasp pi 3B with optional digital out card.. so i can output using USB, coax and optical.. i using this pi cause i try to eliminate electric/EMI/whatever interference as much as possible... and i find out that optical still give the best output compare with coaxial... for USB, i don't even bother to try cause the USB is built in to rasp pi board directly, so there should be more interference to the USB slot...

    all computer whatever it is windows or mac always have more interference cause they are general purpose computer, not specific computer for specific job... that explain the superiority of rasp pi for audio output... in audio, less is more...

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