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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Matpar
    I am looking for a proper optical cable, the amp helps a bit to "open" sound and add some "ompf" imho... :)
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  2. GreenBow
    Well I imagine that even a cheap optical cable would sound better than coaxial or USB. While I doubt there is much noise at all coming from the file source, it's possible. Plus the cabling would be susceptible to RFI. Optical always was the definitive sound.

    While there probably is not much noise on that system, if there is any, it will lighten the sound.

    I would never put an amp on a Chord DAC though, unless I was driving speakers. There is just far too much lost across cables and amplification. I don't mean to lecture or preach. Sadly it is the case that amplifiers can only lose detail. … If you want more kick then try EQ the file source on its software if it has any.
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  3. GreenBow
    @Matpar Please could you tell me if the X10T has a replaceable battery.
  4. surfgeorge
    Wouldn't EQ-ing introduce DSP errors that the Mojo can't fix any more?
    I can hear a clear quality loss if I activate the EQ or MSEB in the HiBy R3 which I use as source fot the Mojo.
    Makes the music sound lifeless.

    PS: Fully aggree with you on the amplifier topic. In my Stereo system the Mojo did an amazing job with the $7.000 integrated KA180i amp. I never knew what that amp was capable of...
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  5. GreenBow
    Sorry then if I was wrong about EQ. I never heard of that. Thanks.

    I know I have EQ'd in the past, and not seen any change that I noticed. It was a long time ago though.

    I find the signature of Chord right, so I would not amplify unless driving speakers.
  6. AC-12
    I have no Mojo anymore, but I recommend going [Raspberry Pi Zero, HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro, Lifatec glass optical cable] or if on a budget just [Raspberry Pi Zero + HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro].

    Instead of recurring CCK or OTG cables purchases, one can purchase this setup at a similar cost as cables.

    The UI can be controlled via an iDevice, Apple Watch, Android device, Android Wear device. It can with the Raspberry Pi, but not confirmed with Pi 0 yet. Once I get parts in will test this weekend if you can replicate on the 0. The trick is changing the rPi WiFi adapter from client mode to SSID mode. So any device can connect via WiFi to the rPi thus controlling the UI. Works with rPi but have not tested with rPi 0. In theory should work.

    Power is via a USB battery bank.


    Looking forward to Mojo2.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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  7. Matpar
    Will check!

    As far as cable, I wait an adapter (toslink from mini ) , plus I Will Place an order on a proper optical.

    As far as the amp goes, I Will make a deeper comparison but so far I trust of course what stated before.

    Lighter stack! :)
  8. GreenBow
    I went looking on the manufacturer's website, and it says built in battery. I think that means not replaceable.

    I'd like a file source that I can replace the batteries in. It's unfair and blatantly wrong that we have to throw gadgets away when the battery goes.
  9. rtm33
    One week with Mojo. Very like it. Sound is fantastic and so enjoyable.I have had some experience with DAPs and don't want comeback to outdated interfaces and entry level CPUs.
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  10. masterpfa
    Are you referring to the Chord Mojo, if so there are some post within this thread on battery replacement options, have a search as I cannot remember which post, it may be linked on the 1st page. If you weren't talking about the Chord Mojo apologies

    EDIT Most answers to questions can be found within post no.2 Frequently asked questions

    It's a very engaging piece of equipment suitable for most people and combinations of DAP's or phones/tablets

    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
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  11. marsza11
    Cheap and very good
  12. GreenBow

    I was asking about battery in the Xduoo.
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  13. bixby
    Is a Mojo replacement in the wings?

    I see a number of outlets selling new Mojos for $365 to $399. Is this and end of life signal? Or has the price just gone down steadily?
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  14. Matpar
    I see from time to time so suspicious under 400 USD offers on Amazon, which ends up in being scam in fact.

    Where do you get those prices if I May ask?
  15. joshnor713
    This is different, $399 is happening in many stores now (i.e. Moon Audio, Headphones.com, and Audio46 to name a few).
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