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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. jambaj0e
    I'd say that the soundstage is just a bit wider, and there's a bit more bottom end with the Lyr 3. It's subtle, but I think it's enough. Mostly, though, I just want to be able to not run the Mojo at 90-95% volume, whereas the Lyr 3 I can run 40-50% for what I like while the Mojo's set up on 3V Line Out.
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  2. haduel
    How drop resistant is the Mojo?
    Mine has been dropped (not by me) from belly height onto a ceramic tile floor. The person who dropped it reported no visible damage. Are there any parts which are easily harmed when they are decelerated quickly (moment of mojo hitting the ground)? Unfortunately I can't sound check it myself atm because that person (actually a lovely person) has it and he is faaar away from me atm.
  3. Deftone
    Electronics that use SMT are quite durable, Mojo should have no problem withstanding drops.
  4. miketlse
    I have dropped my Mojo without any issues, so fingers crossed for you.
  5. joshnor713
    I've dropped two of them with no problem.
  6. gazzington
    What would be a great portable transport for a chord mojo? Hiby r6, fiio M6........
  7. Devodonaldson
    Seeing as the device is being used for transport, the best device would be one that provides bit-perfect output via USB. IF YOU'RE using your own files, any Android device using UAPP or Onkyo Player, or another app that allows bit-perfect USB output is fine. If you're using a streaming service with download ability such as Tidal or Qobuz, I suggest an iPhone, due to the devices bit-perfect output via lightning port. I use downloaded Tidal as well as Flac to a 256gb iPhone 7 that I use solely as a transport device. Otherwise, it's all Android for me
  8. haduel
    Thanks for the feedback on potential damage of the mojo due to dropping it.
  9. theveterans
    A bit cumbersome setup but golly the Mojo (early Batch no QR) really knows how to control the BA drivers better than many DAPs out there.

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  10. GreenBow
    I remember when Mojo was quite new and I was following the thread. In the early days, loads of people were strapping DAPs and phones to their Mojos.

    I have a DAP. However I can not work out how I would use Mojo and DAP together in my pocket. What bothers me, is the USB cable that runs from Mojo to DAP. I can't figure out how it would not play on the USB ports of the Mojo and the DAP.

    Hence the Poly, but.....
  11. joshnor713
    Right, I went through the same thing. Finally bit the bullet with the Poly (it hurt). But it's a fantastic system, so clean and compact, and no more freakin wires. It's a notable rival to the high-end DAPs out there. I'm hopefully set for a while.
  12. gazzington
    I've bought a hiby R3 to partner my mojo. Now wondering what iems/headphones would have good synergy with this set up
  13. GreenBow
    I have AKG N40 and AKG N5005, and they are stunning with Mojo and Hugo 2.
  14. Totoxio
    Me too! They are really a great match.
  15. zolom
    FiiO FH7 iems sound stunning (as well) with the Mojo - listening to Tidal HiFi via UAPP (bit perfrct)

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