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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Torq

    Is it definitely the AK120 that's having issues with higher bit-rate files?
    I ask because I ran into issues with my AK120 which were fixed by switching to a multi-core optical cable.
  2. Syracuse
    Specifically would be nice but another DAP with optical out that is also very good might show some similar results.
    What are your findings?
  3. musicday
    This must be the fastest growing thread on Headfi since i joined in 2009.
    Everyone is interested, and why they shouldn't when Mojo has got the power and have changed the game.
    Well done Chord for making such a brilliant DAC.
  4. Black Dog
    No matter how good the Mojo is supposed to be internally vs. price point, and seriously considering buying it,
    I can not (and will probably never) feel any love for it's shouty "Beam me up, Scotty!!!" exterior.
    Why not mold the exterior along the lines of f.e. Sony PHA-1A, so that the Mojo would expose the class it likely deserves.
    I know, house style and so on, but still... ugly.
  5. pearljam50000
    Has anyone compared the Mojo to the BENCHMARK DAC2 ?
  6. obsidyen

    I find it unique and cute.
  7. Raika
    Whew what a relief , I thought it sound better than hugo, but 70 % of SQ of hugo not bad for the baby MoJo.
    I swear I'm about to sell hugo and go to R2r dac and never come back to delta sigma chip again .
    I just read a review about total dac some component cost 2000 $ .
    And many Audiophile said that Yggy ( natural and better texture ) is better than hugo TT ( smooth ). Take it from the professional friend not from the hype  .
    Cya guys and good luck with your  MOJO.
  8. yfei

    Chord Hugo (and TT)'s FPGA implementation of DAC is closer to R2R or Delta-Sigma?       I thought it is kinda R2R, not true?
  9. Whitigir
    I am out as well, I thought if Mojo did have aux in, then I would be interested, but it was purely made for smartphones. Good luck guys, and enjoy your Mojo Dojo
  10. drgajet

    It's a DAC, why would it have an aux in?
  11. mscott58

    No aux in, so it's meant to be used as at a least a DAC if not a DAC/amp. And while it can work straight from a smartphone it can also accept digital signals from anything with a USB, optical or coax output. Pretty versatile IMO. Cheers
  12. jamato8 Contributor

    Because one person stated this does not make it so and with all of this, it is someone's opinion. It seems you have something else going on here. 
  13. jamato8 Contributor

    It has an optical, coax and USB input. What you say makes no sense. It is a dac/amp. 
  14. drgajet

    Good thing the boss lets me check Head-Fi at work..........oh wait.........I am the boss, haha.
    smial1966 likes this.
  15. purk Contributor
    Don't count this out by all means.  This is a very good sounding DAC/AMP combination and I have both the ZX2 & PHA3.  I will to do some more listening before I can post more impressions.  It is a clear step up than the headphone out put of the ZX2 for sure especially for harder to drive phones.  It drives the HE-1000 really well for something this small.
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