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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. dakanao
    Yes, I've had this same exact problem. If you move the Mojo up and down, the bass and lower mids will gain authority again, but for me this was so annoying that I needed another way to fix it.

    So I bought a Hifime USB High Speed Isolator, and now the bass is fine. You can also add 2 Jitterbugs, connect your Mojo to the isolator, then the isolator to the Jitterbug, then the Jitterbug to your USB port, and the other Jitterbug on the other USB port closest to it.

    This way, you'll get a good amount more bass and vocal authority as compared to using the Mojo directly to USB. Treble also becomes more controlled, and the sound just gets cleaner
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  2. Dexter22
    That's really strange .. So the jitter which is causing the problem? I thought some caps lost their capacity and therefore it will not be able to dynamically discharge. On hold start it will be having full charge so, that may explain bass but after few minutes, it's not able to charge and discharge fast (may be they are warm now?? I am worried if chord guys would listen to my problem, as it occurs after a while. On a cold start a test bench device will show no error. Anyway ssince I don't have isolator I will connect to an Android phone in airplane mode.

    To say, when the bass is lost, leaving the headphone on my head I tried listening the same song on my iPhone 5 by unpluggig from mojo and plugging to iPhone. IPhone hd hell lot of bass than mojo. This was nevertheless case before as I had abandoned the iPhone after getting the mojo as in all ways mojo was superior.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  3. ScuseMe
    Hey all. My FiiO X3 gen 2 has just died.
    Has been connected to my Mojo for years.
    Could someone please tell me what the general consensus is regarding an Android phone that would best suit the Mojo's form factor?
    Ideally, something that could sit on top of the phone, but allowing access to the coloured orbs
    It will be a dedicated transport. Obviously, all I need is OTG compatibility
    I live in Australia if that helps with model selection
  4. miketlse
    Do you want the transport to stream from Web, or just be for playing tracks from SD cards?
  5. Dexter22
    I gave up using it with my s8 as it was extremely cubersome. Best now, according to me without breaking the bank would be fiio m6 with mojo.
  6. greenkiwi
    The Hiby R3 is almost a perfect fit for the Mojo. There are even some cool 3D printed cases for it. It is a simple DAP -- i.e. not Android and can't install apps.

    I've also been interested in the new Fiio DAPs. The M5, M6 and M11, in particular, look interesting. The M6 looks like it would be a great match.

    Note that it's dimensions are:

    Which are pretty close to the Mojo
    82mm (l) x 60mm (w) x 22mm (h)

    Note, I have the R3 and would probably get the M6 if I were getting one today.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  7. ScuseMe
    Thans so much for your question. I'm guessing that I'd like to stream only to future proof my investment.
    That said I have most of my music on several SD cards
  8. ScuseMe
    Goodness that was exactly what I was deciding upon, the M6 or the R3
  9. Dexter22
    I think m6 has something like airplay which means it can make mojo wireless better than aptx hd Bluetooth. Don't know exactly how it work. I had been eyeing a player too but got shanling m0 instead as it's more gym friendly than m6. Only for gym reason, m6 I think is overall better.
  10. CJG888
    Has anyone compared the new Xduoo X10Tii (via coax) with the Shanling M0 (via USB)? Purely in SQ terms, of course...
  11. Dexter22
    My shanling m0 and Samsung s8 on usapp, and foobar Asia sounds the same. I think we need to look at the devices and read their marketing description with passion, to let our placebo kick in. In that case, the xduoo x10 can sound better.
  12. Lucas headphonebrz
    I need a help here !
    Someone knows how to use the DAC output with Equalizer in MacBook ?
    I used to use EQMAC2 but I just can’t use this program since that program require output sound to works , and Dac usually use the same output

    So , if I select one, I lost the other one .
    I saw some posts about the program AUlab and "forest something", but it didn’t work

    If anyone here have MacBook and know how to use equalizer with DFR , help pls!
    I give up trying to search for a solution in web...
  13. dakanao
    Not the jitter, since the Jitterbug, despite it's name, doesn't take care of that, but EMI/Radio Frequency noise, caused by both the electronics from your playback device, and the wifi signal.

    Tell me if you hear a difference in airplane mode.
  14. Totoxio
    No degree in electronics here, but I read somewhere in this thread that Mr. Watts stated that the battery supplies the extra current during transients, especially on low impedance loads. So, if the battery is ok, I wouldn't suspect of some fried cap affecting SQ.
  15. Dexter22
    I mentioned that only because, I know this happens with integrated home audio amps. i had fixed similar (not exact but poor bass timing , dull sounds) on old amps by changing caps. The power caps store the current, and release it according to signal comes in. If they are not behaving correct, then there can be too much wrong with sound. I am not sure if this is how it's implemented in mojo. For instance the hifimes some dac amps had no caps this way which means this issue can never happen. I really wish this is not what is happening with my mojo. I will try contacting chord. Hope they have service like jds ( they were extremely good ppl who walked me through a cap issue, after the warranty was over on my c5d) mojo is still in warranty .

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