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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Audiotistic
    It's not getting so hot that it shuts off, it just gets warm.

    I'm not "fixing a giant cpu cooler to it", I just set it on top. It's not strapped down, nothing is holding it on other than its own weight. I can take it off at any point and it seems to be working wonders to keep it cool while I charge it and listen to it. How is that harder than turning it on its side?
  2. Audiotistic
    To keep it cool. I'm going to be using it pretty much exclusively as a desktop dac/amp, so it's going to be charging while I use it. If I can keep it as cool as possible while doing so, why not?

    I completely understand that chord has said it's designed to do this and won't cause any problems. I also understand that the battery has a thermal pad on it to transfer heat to the case (which acts like a heatsink to cool it off). So all I'm doing is putting a heatsink (cpu cooler) on top of a heatsink (case).
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  3. surfgeorge
    That is really crazy :)
    Mad but interesting. It makes me think of a Mojo desktop holder that has a heat sink incorporated...
    Something for my 3D printing lab.
  4. Audiotistic
    Yes, I thought of this too. I don't have a 3d printer but I had the same idea of a base to put the mojo on/in with a heatsink to keep it cool. I see nothing wrong with trying to keep electronics cool, there are only benefits to this. Maybe the battery will have a longer lifespan, who knows.
  5. calbu
    Looks like the USB power is connected during playback..this is not advised especially if you never allow the battery to discharge. It will shorten your battery life.
  6. Audiotistic

    Noted. I just got it 4 days ago so I have only let it discharge a few times. I will be unplugging it from time to time so I don't shorten the battery life prematurely.
  7. surfgeorge
    If you want to keep the Mojo in a desktop rig and use it for less than 6 hours a day the best option is to buy a simple timed AC outlet switch and connect the charger to it.
    That way you can set a time during the night to recharge the Mojo and operate it from battery during the day.
  8. Audiotistic
    Good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I was debating on removing the battery and using it plugged in, but storing li-ion batteries for later use is probably worse. It's mainly going to be on my desktop but there are some times where I'm going to use it as a mobile device too so I would like to keep the battery in it. When the battery goes bad, I'll just remove it and it'll no longer be a mobile device. Thanks for the suggestion!
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  9. musickid
    Enter mojo terminator model no.00022.:L3000:
  10. Audiotistic
    I'd call it the M1000 :)
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  11. bikutoru
    Please do tell how long your battery last with this 'smart' move.
    There are plenty of people before you that did just that. I have never charge and use at the same time, NEVER, and my Mojo is fine even it is 3.5 years old.
  12. Audiotistic
    So everyone who has charged and used it at the same time has had a premature battery lifespan?

    Taken directly from the manual:

    "Charging with Mojo switched on and playing is possible, but the time taken to fully charge will be considerably longer and depending on volume level and headphone load the battery. It is possible that, when using headphones of high load, the battery may take extremely long to fully charge. It is normal for Mojo to become warm when charging especially if switched on and playing at the same time."

    It clearly states in the manual that it's perfectly fine to do so. I'm just taking extra precautions to keep it cool.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
  13. musickid
    Just start with a fully charged mojo with the charger plugged in. When playing from this the charger will supply the needed juice and the battery will only run down a little no matter how long you use it. When you finish listening turn mojo off but leave the charger plugged in which will then fully charge the mojo and switch off when it has done so. The next time you listen you start from a fully charged mojo (still plugged in) so when playing the heat generated is minimal. Simple. Just repeat this cycle and once in a while unplug till it drains down and charge up fully again. No timers needed as the charger automatically switches off once mojo is fully charged. Blue light indicates full battery, white indicates charging, no light indicates charger and mojo off. This way mojo is constantly left plugged in with no issues as far as i can see in accordance with Chord's advice which states it is ok to play and charge in the mojo desktop "mode". The desktop mode is what i have explained here. Just one point: mojo is also ready to go portable (by being fully charged) if you so want to after the charger switches off as described above.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
  14. bikutoru
    No, not everybody, but many.
  15. Rob Watts
    Just to clarify the thermal pad is actually an isolator to prevent warm electronics from heating the battery. The pad has two functions - to clamp the battery to the top metal case, ensuring that the battery temperature is always at the top case temp - and to ensure that the irregular electronics underneath can't damage the battery body. There is absolutely no circumstance where the battery temp will exceed the rated temp with the device being on or charged, as the multiple thermal trips will go well before that.
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