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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. GreenBow
    I remember when I got my Hugo 2, and thought what a great upgrade it was. Then recently just for a short time I put Mojo back on desktop duty. Mojo still puts on a great show; pretty much faultless really.

    That's an ingenious way to feed a sub.

    (I have TT2 myself too. I think it's a very special DAC.)
  2. jarnopp
    TT2 is definitely better, but nice to see that Mojo is credible if necessary!
  3. Deftone
    As Rob watts said, he wouldnt design a dac that he wouldnt personally use himself or something along those lines. I think it was in resposnse to saying that Mojo wasnt very good and just a "cheap" dac for chord to put out.
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  4. Leo888
    Copy that and thanks again for the helpful information. Cheers.
  5. Wheel Hoss
    My Mojo won’t connect to my iPhone but connects fine to my MacBook.

    I need a new Camera Connection Kit, right? Things seems really cheaply made.
  6. surfgeorge
    You can use a camera connection kit or a cable like the Meenova. I have better experience with the Meenova.
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  7. Wheel Hoss
    Went ahead and ordered one. Looks to be much better quality than the overpriced under-shielded CCK. Plus now I only need 1 cable not 2 for Mojo on-the-go. Win-win in my book. Cheers!
  8. dakanao
    Would this give a difference in sound? I have an older version, is there a way to see if it's relocated or not?
  9. miketlse
    No one has mentioned a difference in sound. Look at the early photos of the mojo, and I think the usb sockets are on the top of the circuit board, but after that they were relocated to the bottom surface. Just look at your mojo, and it is easy to tell how the usb sockets are oriented.
  10. dakanao
    So would that mean the USB sockets of the newer versions stick out more in the casing, as compared to the older config?
  11. miketlse
    No, the newer versions have the usb sockets oriented like in this end-on picture.
  12. Lucas headphonebrz
    Hi! I start to seek for DACs for one month ago , and I became a lot disappointed with the dragonfly red + jitterbug that I own.
    First of all I only use IEMs and they sound already pretty nice for me , but I was wondering if there is more that I could hear with them . So yesterday I received my DFR , put in my Mac and the sound that I hear become bright, the vocals were not so pleasure to listen anymore. So I jut stay confused .. is that worth to spend more to test chord mojo if my IEMs are already pretty good ? My only concern is sound quality , if I don’t like the DFR , it’s probably that I don’t like the mojo too ?

    I m just too disappointed because I read so many reviews about DFR (good reviews) and I know it’s a excellent portable Dac, but don’t work well with my IEMs , it’s a chance that I get disappointed with the Mojo too ?

    (Talking exclusively about sensitivity IEMs that are easily driven with my MacBook .

    EDT 1: I think one thing is important to say too, I don’t listen to MQA files , only YouTube , because music that I enjoy is just there (some covers etc) and if the dac put difference in this files better than YouTube source , so it’s a (don’t going) for me
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  13. surfgeorge
    IMO the Mojo is very smooth and provides the perfectly clean and detailed signal for my IEMs. For comparion I also have the Cayin N3, HiBy R3 and Sony ZX2. The Mojo is my clear favorit.
    One thing I found the Mojo to do particularly well is to extract the best possible SQ from normal files. I use mostly FLAC, a few HiRes files and few MP3s.
    IMO the Mojo is the perfect source for IEMs.

    But if the DFR sounds too bright it might be that your IEM has a lot of treble and maybe it would be better to change the IEM.
    What are you using?
  14. Lucas headphonebrz
    It’s a neutral custom IEM, don’t have a name sorry, their sound are pretty focused in a neutral response and detailing a lot the records . So they don’t have problem with trebles I think.
    But again the question that I am fighting in my head all the time :
    Is the mojo a big upgrade in terms of SQ than the DFR for *sensitive IEMs* or the difference is so subtle that you almost don’t perceive ?
    Because if is the second response the answer , than for me it’s not worthy the mojo, I already spent a lot of money in the dfr combo
    An A/B comparison would save me a LOT!
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  15. surfgeorge
    IMO the effect of a DAC is in some way subtle, but in another way fundamental. It’s not like switching between different IEMs or HPs.

    I can listen to my IEMs from the phone or the HiBy R3 for a little while and it sounds good, but just does not have the power, expression and life in it that it has with the Mojo.
    With Mojo I sometimes listen for hours, with other sources I don’t enjoy the music that much and typically stop after max 1/2 hour.

    But if you hear little differences with the DFR then maybe better save the money, or at least buy used to limit the loss in case you don’t like it.
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