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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. GreenBow
    If I recall correct, initially they were going to produce a range of modules for the Mojo. The first they talked about making was a Bluetooth module. Then they went silent, and only said they were working hard, and along came Poly. Badaahh surprise!

    (I hoped and requested that they make an SD-card player only module, as one of modules. Hoping clearly to save massive bucks. That was before Poly was announced.) Funny thing is, even the Poly is kind of worth it, just to use the SD-card player. When you factor in sound quality. .. I still ended up with a DAP though.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  2. flargosa
    So silver usb cable sounds more resolving while copper usb cable sounds warm? :grin::grin::grin:
  3. dontfeedphils
    I can't tell you what difference it might make to you, but I can say that it made a difference in my setup.

    Whether or not you believe that is of little consequence to me.
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  4. calbu
    Does anyone have a problem where the Mojo holographic sound is an exception rather than the rule?
    I've tried bit perfect FLAC playback via a Win10 Vaio laptop using Foobar ASIO/KS/WASAPI and an Android MOTO G4 using UAPP/Onkyo HF player.
    I've also tried using a iFi iSilencer3.0 and clip-on ferrite beads.

    Any suggestions from the gurus?
  5. surfgeorge
    I'm not a guru by any means, but the music quality I get from the Mojo depends most of all on the recording, much more than the file format or resolution.

    I find that I absolutely love well recorded live music, the sound stage is so real and the SQ so good that I often believe there are people around me.
    On the other hand music that has been mixed in the studio doesn't seem to have that holographic quality, and also some live music, maybe from processing or bad recording.

    And yes, those holographic recordings are more the exception than the rule. Still, Mojo makes every music better to my ears, I simply can enjoy more and longer.
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  6. calbu
    @surfgeorge: I completely agree with your comments above. The issue I have is that the holographic sounding tracks don't always sound holographic.
  7. krismusic Contributor
    Sounds like variation in your mood and perception rather than hardware.
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  8. calbu
    Could be my sleep deprived mind :). Just wanted to check whether there could be any other tech factors that affect depth perception that I have not considered.
  9. krismusic Contributor
    Fair play. I just think that psychoacoustics play a huge part in this hobby. I find that quite fascinating. Frustrating sometimes as well! Evaluating equipment while allowing for all the factors other than really that come into play is extremely difficult IME.
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  10. palestofwhite
    Replacement buttons for the Mojo arrived today. Coupled with the new battery, everything is working as it should like the day I got my unit! :ksc75smile:
  11. miketlse
    Good news.
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  12. dakanao
    Anyone else using 300+ ohm headphones with the Mojo, that find the first 3.5mm output under the light balls less refined, than the one right to it?
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  13. SteveOliver
    Yes the socket nearer the lights has a "Brighter" sound. If you want a "Darker" sound use the socket furthest away from the lights.

    The same effect also makes the Black Hugo2 sound better than the Silver one.

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  14. BabetakCZE
    My favourite combo right now - PC - Foobar - Mojo - HD6XX.
    Absolutely wonderful pairing.
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  15. dakanao
    Do you notice a slightly less refined upper end on the left 3.5mm output, as opposed to the one right to it? This only is noticable to me with high impedance headphones like the HD 6xx. With some 16 and 50 ohm headphones, it wasn't evident.

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