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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. singleended58

    Just be patient. You'll be getting your Mojo soon.
  2. vango19
    I have read the tread,but i guess i missed it. I have a sony z5c, what cable do I need to connect it directly to the mojo? A link would be nice too. Thanks!
  3. musicheaven
    Here is my desktop Coax cable it's actually a 75 ohm mini coax, very tiny but with a great digital divide. I am planning to make a shorter 3 inch version for connection maybe the Mojo with my X5. I ordered a Glass Toslink 4 inch tip to tip cable for the Toslink connection so we'll see which one plays nicely the best.


    Where's the Mojo? :D

  4. xeroian
    Sorry, will try again when I work out this editor.
  5. xeroian

    Surely the Apple CCK requires a male USB connector? The photo and the description tell me that this is female.


    Sorry for the delay in pointing this out. I have been too busy comparing Mojo with my Hugo.
  6. Paul Meakin
    I actually ordered a male to male as per my earlier post; apologies, but I hadn't spotted that the one that was originally posted was the wrong gender as this one looked more robust. Amazon's pictures and descriptions of these isn't always clear. I should have this tomorrow so I'll try and remember to confirm if it's ok.

    Startech USB A to Micro USB B Cable Adapter - Male to Male

  7. proedros
    just got dx80 , on first listen it sounds like an improved dx90 , keeps the clarity beefs up the sound (lows/mids)

    definitely gonna try it out with mojo (when my town rep brings it) and will post impressions on the dx80 imps thread

    Tony1110 likes this.
  8. mscott58
    Maybe that male adapter has been circumcised? The outer sheath appears to have been removed...[​IMG]
  9. proedros
    reading this thread as an interested person on mojo , i come across a lot of whining

    people whining about 10-20 day delays
    people whining about not wanting to buy a $300 dap (when they have probably paid thousands of euros on cellphones)
    people whining on sily 1st world problems

    people too well fed and too soft, just whining.

    the decline of western civilization begins i guess from becoming too soft and too greedy. and too whining [​IMG]

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  10. rq1111
    Thanks to Taz23! Mine previous set always charging and did not auto off the charging even if it is full. It can switch on but the issue is always charging. Now the new set has no issue on this. After i had charged the new set for around 2hrs plus, the charging light goes off but i continue to charge as some of them said for 10hrs. Hopefully, the 1st charge for 10hrs is alright.
  11. Jazzi

    Thanks, but I'm not impatient.  I'm definitely prepared to wait it out.  Everything says it's worth the wait.  Of course, getting it sooner rather than later is a good thing, too. [​IMG]
  12. x RELIC x Contributor

    As noted by Chord if the light goes off you are good to go. The 10 hours is for units that have been on the shelf for a fairly long time. Not going to be the case for a long while I suspect.
  13. mscott58
    Yep, mine was shorter than that, once I put it on a charger that was properly powered. I strongly recommend the Anker PowerPort 2. Your typical iPhone small "cube" charger does not have enough juice IME. 
    They make nice batteries and cords as well. I have the PowerCore 20100 battery. It's two high power ports charge my AK100/Mojo stack very quickly at the same time. 
  14. rq1111
    Yesterday, i did buy a new usb 4 port charger which has 2.4amp for each port. This will make sure all devices can have enough juice and charge faster.
  15. mscott58
    Yep, they have one of those as well. 
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