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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. FidelityCastro

    The Mojo is a great price point, so I would say that it's the ideal vehicle to draw some music lovers (not necessarily audiophiles or head-fiers) who generally use their modern smartphone for music but would be amazed at the SQ difference that a decent pair of earphones and a Mojo can deliver. Hence having a top tier DAC and effectively extra amping facilities in one little box that is affordable to people who happily splash out big bucks on the latest smartphone - partly for its music storage and decent music reproduction.

    The trick is spreading the word about the Mojo beyond this kind of forum into the mainstream. The more that Chord sell to "normal" music fans, the more they have for R&D into products that suit both camps.
  2. FidelityCastro
    Ok Guy - Drop me a PM mate. Got some ideas on marketing.
  3. musicheaven

    Preach to the choir but for Chord it's sales lost if they don't claim compatibility. I have no issues with my Oppo HA-2 so I guess their enclosure must be pretty well sealed however I use a MFi cable they provided so it's short and sweet. My bigess issue is with my player and my phone, I get notifications that get shipped right into my earphones, not too pleasant. I am thinking the Mojo will be about the same so my player which does not have WiFi or cell signals will definitively work better.

    Understood that's what you guys have to claim else sales will fall because the emphasis is on portability, contrary to the bulkier Hugo.
  4. georgelai57
    That's why one should get a simple and small DAP as transport for the Mojo
  5. Wilderbeast
    I wrote a Hugo / Mojo comparison back on page 80: http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread/1185#post_12008368
    It was a while ago but my thoughts haven't changed.
  6. Ike1985
    Ok, here's what needs to happen.  Some of you guys with massively disposable incomes who enjoy tinkering with audiophile gear need to acquire all the top smartphones when they are available: iphone6, iphone7, Samsung s7/s7edge/edge+, HTC one m10, xperia z5/z5c.  Get all the best cables as well.  Use some extremely sensitive CIEMs.  Use the phones while playing music and record which phones provide the most and least interference.  Make an excel spreadsheet to record your results.
    Or everyone just compile results you've seen individually into a collective spreadsheet we can all contribute to on google docs or something, making sure to provide which CIEMS/cables/phones your using, and keep it updated.
    Also, I don't think Chord is out of line in any sense of the word with their marketing.  You guys need to remember that this forum is probably .0000001% of people who listen to music and the vast majority of people won't care about any interference at all anyway-hence the majority of chords market.
  7. musicheaven

  8. Ike1985
    Honestly I'd rather use a phone, it's simpler and the new phones can even output DSD(S7, Z5, etc).  Plus I don't want to spend the extra coin for a dap when I don't need one.  It'd be much more convienent for me to carry my phone(which I always carry + it's charger) then simply add the mojo and it's charger than to carry a phone + charger, mojo + charger, dap + charger + probably need a battery pack now that I'm running so many devices + charger for that.
  9. georgelai57
    My iPhone - always with me.
    A small DAP eg Sony A15 & custom IEMs - always with me and no need for charger due to the Sony's extraordinary battery life
    A DAC amp eg Mojo, HA-2, - rarely comes with me out of the house. Unless it's a long long trip or to a head-fi meet.
  10. FidelityCastro

    Sorry I wasn't suggesting that Chord's marketing was in any way naff.
    It's just that I have lots of mates who love music but think I'm a lunatic for spending, say, USD500 on a pair of IEMs or carrying around an extra box just to connect to my smartphone in an age where smartphones produce really good (not audiophile, but really good) SQ when used solo.

    I just think that the Mojo could indeed be a bit of a "game changer" with the next tranche down of music lovers who don't spend their evenings debating cable upgrades on a web forum but who, when people like us force them to listen to music THAT THEY KNOW WELL AND LOVE through good IEMs and a reasonably-priced box like a Mojo, can immediately tell how much better the SQ is. Some - not all - of them, might decide to take the plunge.
  11. Ike1985
    Yea, I'm sure the way it was intended to be; get new people into caring about sound quality(hence the newest phones all have excellent audiophile grade DAC chips), all they need to buy a decent pair of iems and the mojo and they're getting much better sound quality. 
  12. Ike1985
    mojo would always be with me.
  13. rmillerx
    It gets pushed that far back when I insert the end into the second device. I will try the paper option.
  14. arnolfibus
    For the first charge with 1,5A phone charger the led switched off after 3,5 hours. How long did it take for you guys?
  15. OK-Guy
    just thought I'd update you on the market that Mojo was intended for hence the 'hth', hth.
    I'll pass on your findings no problem... I don't  duck issues btw but I do try to offer advice & solutions to Customer problems, I would say put your phone in airplane-mode when you want to sit back, relax and enjoy you music but no doubt your busy schedule won't allow it, let me get back to you when I know a positive outcome.
    marketing is not in my remit, I'll pm & point you in the right direction though.
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