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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Stuff Jones
    I'm so tempted by it but the fact that you need two devices kind of kills its portability. And 600 is a lot of money (for me) for just  a desktop DAC/AMP.
  2. rq1111
    Thanks! Mscott58. I will check that. Just wanted to know the normal charging status for mojo as i will compare with mine case. But can i on the mojo when charging? I feel it should be able to but mine cannot during the 1st charge after 12hrs.
  3. SearchOfSub

    Yeah, like the HD800's lol
  4. x RELIC x Contributor

    Just got the AK240 in. I can offer some thoughts when I have more time with it. I will say that I guarantee you the Mojo isn't, in any way, worse than the AK240...... :wink_face:
  5. Rob Watts
    Clock jitter is timing uncertainty (or inaccuracy) on the main clock that is feeding the digital outputs. Its often expressed as cycle to cycle jitter as an RMS figure, but can be total jitter which includes low frequency jitter too. Total jitter is the most important specification. If you want here is a good definition:
    As you can see, the jitter subject can get complicated and its often abused by marketing...
    But with all of my DAC's you do not need to worry at all about source jitter, so all of the above AK numbers are fine. So long as its below 2uS (that is 2,000,000 pS) you are OK, and nobody has jitter that bad!
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  6. taz23
    Hi rq1111.  The best is to check the small numbers on the wall charger to be sure of the current ratings.  But it does seem that you have normal charging since the white LED is not blinking.  I did not actually time the duration, but it could be approximately 4-5 hours to reach a full charge from a flat battery when the Mojo is off.  Yes, the light goes off after a full charge.  
    And yes, you should be able to switch the Mojo on (and use it) while charging.  But this will make it hot.  In fact, I had the Mojo go off by itself once when doing so; it could be due to some overheating because the unit felt cooler to the touch after I have my fan blow at it while using and charging.
  7. audionewbi
    A really helpful video from moon audio.
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  8. highfell

    Such cables terminated with 3.5mm at both ends seem remarkably difficult to find. Could someone hpost an Amazon or other UK link please ?

    Alternatively, I could buy a RCA to 3.5mm adaptor , which I have seen on Amazon, and connect to my existing DX90 cable.
  9. dpm78
    Hello rmillerx,
    I am the one who mentioned this adapter, I think you should not push it so far.
    Just put some piece of paper folded to keep it tight between it and the case.
    Look at my picture:
    By doing so, you will even hear an nice click when plugged in.
  10. M-13
    That sounds promising.
    I was actually thinking about picking up Currawong's AK240 before you snatched it up. I was in a dilemma about which would offer the superior sound quality vs the Mojo.
    You have my Layla's sister so I think you're the right man for the job [​IMG]
    I would really like to avoid stacking if possible. I'm even willing to spend more money up to a point. But if the Mojo spanks the AK240 and/or AK240ss then I'll have no choice but to stack
  11. musicheaven

    Here is what I would suggest but keep in mind that a 3.5 mm TRS might work however I do not know if the leads would properly physically align with the Mojo mono Coax jack.

    I am not sure about the UK market but in general you could search for a 75 ohm Mogami or Belden cable, they usually sell for roughly a few dollars a foot so that's not terribly expensive. For the connectors, on the Mojo you can search for a mono (TR) 3.5 mm connector; Rean makes them, I believe the DX90 also uses the same male connector so you buy two, solder the cable on both ends and you got your cable.

    I would also build another cable with a TR connector on one end and an RCA on the other for connecting the Mojo onto a Coax out source sound system but truly if you have a Toslink source, according to Rob, that would be the preferred connection.
  12. musicheaven

    That's getting into the discussion of what's best and how well they are implemented: 2 dual mono wired delta-sigma DACs or Rob's FPGA's programmed design? It will be hours of debates on each technology and techniques being used but it certainly has it's entertainment value. :wink:

    I don't blame you for not stacking even though the Mojo is diminutively small, the stack is still thick. I tend to just carry my player by itself on the move and connect both of them back home so I might myself just do that but I'll keep the thick sandwich in the back of my mind.

    That's another big can of worms. Music players are way more involved and difficult to implement but again those guys (Chord) seem to have the engineering Mojo :D

    Drew seems to think so. :wink:
  13. imattersuk
    Exactly my thoughts, misleading marketing and nobody from Chord has acknowledged there is a problem.
  14. McCol
    I think for a lot of buyers outside of headfi these RF issues probably won't be an issue.  From my LG G4 it sounds amazing, crystal clear and full of detail, however being a member here and suffering from that OCD problem off "I can get another 3% increase in SQ if i attach a dap to this" means I'll probably look at other options to pair with the Mojo.
    No different to the car enthusiast adding new alloys with certain tyres at a certain pressure because he believes it will give him 5mph more from his hot hatch.
  15. musicheaven
    Well who to blame? Smartphone makers, DAC builders or even for that matter DAP manufacturers? They can't account for the poorly RF insulated phones and for them, the best they can do is suggest you don't stack them together but really place them apart so no RF will harm them. As soon as you cross the portable chasm, this is what you have to deal with. Can't win them all; if you want a portable RF free solution use a DAP else use your phone.
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