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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Adu
    IMG_3428.JPG IMG_3429.JPG IMG_3430.JPG IMG_3431.JPG IMG_3432.JPG IMG_3427.JPG
    Actually it's sound great as DAC only, in my modest hi-fi system. IMG_3427.JPG
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
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  2. x RELIC x Contributor
    I had a similar feeling when I first heard the Mojo, but unlike you it had me insanely curious to try the TOTL DAVE when it was released. Needless to say I’ve gone down the rabbit hole since then.

    Regarding EMI from the phone chances are that cables or ferrites may not eliminate it, unfortunately. Cellular signals are very strong and can be picked up even through the headphone cable - as I’ve discovered when testing. The only surefire way to get around it is to use ‘airplane’ mode on your smartphone or use a dedicated DAP (which obviously has no cellular antennae) to connect to the Mojo. I’ve read about other devices like the WA8, OPPO HA-2, CDM, FiiO Q5 have all had posts regarding smartphone cellular interference as well so it’s not just Mojo but a downside to using a device which has strong cellular signals very near audio gear.

    Regardless, if you find something that reduces or eliminates the EMI I’m sure the forum would like to read about it.
  3. ChasingDopamine
    The Dave is pretty far down the rabbit hole! I actually had a chance to audition one at a store in London, but gave it a miss as I'd rather not have to consider sellingseither of my kidneys at this present moment so probably best leave that one to the imagination for me! I would consider the Hugo 2 however. I tried it with the focal clears and thought they were incredible, however at the time I had attributed this mostly to the focals, but now that I've listened critically at my leisure to the Mojo perhaps didn't give enough of the credit to the Hugo.

    I have also read about these issues with other models. Overall I still find the mojo more pleasurable than the dragonfly red it replaced even with a bit of interference, so I can't say it's a deal-breaker for now. I don't actually mind going on airplane mode. Shutting off from the world actually helps me disengage and relax into the music. The only downside of course is the fact that I can't browse tidal via UAPP.

    I did however note that interference seemed less with WiFi on but mobile data and location turned off - this also allowed WhatsApp and browsing so a bit half and half there incase people need to contact me during listening sessions.

    I have thought about a DAP, although I would need to do more research. Ideally one with tidal (/offline) and a warmish dac for use on the go when the mojo is tucked away.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  4. x RELIC x Contributor
    I imagine with WiFi on it helps with location services if within wifi signal distance and so therefore reduces the gain required on the cellular antennae.

    For Tidal (offline) there’s the FiiO X5iii which does fine with 16/44.1 content to an external DAC like the Mojo, and it has a warm signature on its own (warmer than Mojo). I wouldn’t recommend it for USB audio output but coaxial to the Mojo is fine with the appropriate custom cable (unless playing high resolution files over 5000kbps). But of course this is an extra expense.
  5. lwells

    I had a similar experience to you. I auditioned an iFi iDSD BL nano for a week before buying the mojo. I REALLY liked the nano. Had it not broken in the first week of use (seriously) I would have bought it instead of the mojo. I was expecting some buyer's remorse with the mojo as it costs 2x as much. I have none.

    I think the best I can articulate the difference: The nano made me tap my foot again. The mojo makes my whole body move.
  6. lwells
    I can recommend the jitterbug, but I don't think it will help with interference so much.
  7. ChasingDopamine
    Did you find it helped with noise through the usb? Importantly though did you find it had any effect on the sound signiture of the mojo? I vaugleu remember reading something suggesting that it may. If it can't hurt I may get one just to have one lying around, but I'd be a bit early if it affected the sonic performance of the mojo
  8. lwells
    To my ear, the jitterbug doesn't have any effect on sound signature. I get the sense that the highs are a touch smoother with the jitterbug. The change will probably be dependent on the device. With my devices, I'm not sure I could identify it in a blind test. It's subtle, and makes cymbals a bit more pleasant.

    It made no change to interference for me.
  9. ChasingDopamine
    I just ordered some ferrite clip one, pack of 20 in different sizes to experiment a bit. Am I right to say that they would be most effective being placed near the mojo? Would there be any additional benefit to placing them near the phone, near the mojo on the headphone cable end, or on the charging cable?
  10. almarti
    I checked 3rd post but I was referring to Settings inside USB Audio settings (USB 1, USB 2, bit perfect, etc.)
    I had to struggle with those parameters in OnePlus 3 and now they seem different in AP200 as I always get some noise, clicks, etc., with any song.
  11. GreenBow

    I am not sure quite what Mike means here. I am not sure the Jitterbug can stop RFI affecting your cables, which it picks up between PC and Mojo. (That's what ferrites are for I think.) The Jitterbug stops noise on the power rails from a source like a PC.

    However I was sold by the Jitterbug, the minute I applied it to my USB line from my PC.
  12. ChasingDopamine
    Do you know if the jitterbug would have any use on a phone? (e.g. phone -> usb-c (otg) to female usb->jitterbug> male usb to microusb -> mojo. i believe it was mentioned before than a phone has less issues with this kind of noise so in that case would i be better off with a straight phone
    -> usb-c to micro usb ->mojo?
  13. lwells
    My mojo touches my work windows laptop and my iPhone 6. I just leave a jitterbug on my work laptop. There I can hear the difference. I can't so much on my iphone.
  14. miketlse
    Maybe I didn't explain it well, but you are right that the ferrite chokes remove RFI captured by the outer shield of the cable, and the jitterbug is removing electrical noise passing down the wires inside the cable.
  15. Dana Reed
    That's been my experience here with an iPhone SE is that putting it in airplane mode was the only way to get rid of the audible RF on the Mojo. That turned out not to be practical for a phone, so first I tried a Sony DAP connected via USB, but now just to get the ability to use both my own lossless content and also streamed stuff from Spotify, I bought a 128 GB iPod touch and connected that using the USB adapter module and CCK cable. I only turn on Wifi when I want to pull down something else from Spotify, and use the Onkyo HF player to play any FLAC or ALAC files of higher than 48/24.

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