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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. rmillerx
    When I called I was told I was in the second batch. No notice yet for me. I hope to receive a notice tomorrow. Or maybe an update saying that they received their shipment and are moving through their orders as quickly as they can.
  2. prismstorm
    Does that mean the Moon Audio cable sounds better than the Sys Concept one 
  3. audionewbi
    Just wanted to say Sony nwz a15 with mojo using wm-port otg cable only offers 7 hours of battery life.
  4. rmillerx

    I HAVE received the micro usb to usb converter that a nice person on here mentioned and unfortunately the one I received is too recessed to connect well on the micro side. At least on my Dx90. There may be a different version that extends farther.
  5. GreenBow

    I have been wondering about jitter too. The reason why is because on the Chord Hugo, only one of the USB inputs is asynchronously clocked by the Hugo. That being the USB HD input. The SD USB input on the Hugo is not asynchronous.
    Very puzzling because we are told that to reduce jitter, to bypass the clocks on eg our PCs, tablets etc. There is no mention of asynchronous clocking on the Mojo. Going by the Hugo example of the Mojo being HD input, I suppose it's asynchronous.
    I am baffled why the SD input on the Hugo is not asynchronous. Plus why they don't make a point of highlighting that the Mojo is asynchronous. If it isn't asynchronous then maybe it's really aimed at use with DAPs that clock well.
    The Rob Watts explanation I suppose covers it, because we normally consider optical as synchronous. It's just that it stood out to me what Chord say about the Hugo. That the HD USB input uses the high quality clock chip in the Hugo.
    It stands to reason that all Chord DAC USB inputs would be asynchronous. 
  6. youkeum

    hmmmmmmm.. then I need to find something to solve this problem.. thanks!
  7. headwhacker
    Looks like the WM-port otg cable has active electronics consuming power from the walkman. That's a shame. If you use A15, the Mojo will outlast it. 
  8. singleended58

    They have never emailed you back because they expect you to know that IF you do not get notified your Mojo shipment on 11/2 then yours is going to be in the 3rd batch which is middle of November. My order was received on 10/15 in the afternoon and I have not got any notifications yet? If mine is not arrived on November 15 I am gonna cancel it.
  9. headwhacker
    Well HD800 doesn't go a loud directly off of AK100 Mk2 than on Mojo [​IMG]
    I like how T51p sounds like with AK100Mk2 alone, but with Mojo everythings sounds more realistic and detailed especially the cymbals. The bass appears to have more weight and better controlled. 
    However, given the weight/bulk the difference in SQ may not be enough to justify lugging a stack when out and about.
    For me the biggest draw of Mojo and going with the stack (again) is because how well it can drive full sized headphones in a small package.
  10. headwhacker
    I think (I wish) the next evolution for Mojo is to have a built-in minimalist music player without a GUI ala tera player. [​IMG]
  11. georgelai57
    Wow. I was hoping for at least 10
  12. Wyd4
    Should have my mojo back tomorrow.
    proedros likes this.
  13. rq1111
    Hi Taz23, thanks for the reply! I am using the iphone wall charger. The white light is stable and not blink. How is normal charging like? Will the charging light goes off after fully charge? Can I on the mojo when charging?
  14. Torq

    My original order was on 10/15 around 13:00 PST.
    I cancelled that after the shipment that was supposed to arrive on 10/27 didn't arrive, the arrival date got moved back a week on the web-site with no other notification, and my subsequent inquiry as to how likely that was to be a real date was met with a response, essentially, of "we can't guarantee how many we'll get or when they'll arrive". 
    I posted since I was curious as to whether my gut feeling to cancel turned out to be right or not.
  15. mscott58
    The small cube charger with the fixed prongs or the larger one (like with the iPad) that has the fold-out plug? (at least in the US)
    The small cube one doesn't have much amperage to charge something like the Mojo IME. I now use the Anker PowerPort 2 which is rated for 24W and 4.8A. 
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