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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. wchanhk
    Hi, I am a new member and therefore not sure whether this is the right place to post my inquiry. Please point me in the right direction if I am here by mistake.

    I have JRemote set up in my IPad Air to control MC22 in my iMac. It works fine with my audio set up, but I also want to listen to music files in my NAS through my headphone when I am elsewhere in the house, so I bought an Apple usb 3 camera kit and a Chord Mojo. When I hooked them up to my Ipad (Ipad to Apple camera kit to (usb to micro usb) Mojo) and chose "This device" (my Ipad) on JRemote, the music was played through the Ipad's speaker or headphone jack, but I could not get it through the connected external dac (the mojo). I was under the impression that whenever I connect the Apple usb 3 camera adaptor, Ipad would default to digital out and stream the digital data to the external dac for conversion, but that's not happening. How can I fix this? Is there setting in my ipad or Jremote or MC22 that I need to fix? I have posted this question in the JRiver forum but didn't get a workable solution. I hope someone here can help.
  2. baiyy1986
    Have you tried other device with apple USB 3 adapter?
    Apple USB 3 camera adapter is one of the most confusing cables apple make.
  3. ZappaMan
    I’d say, if the music continues to play as normal, then you have a dodgy cck or usb cable connected to the cck cable.
  4. GreenBow
    I have to disagree with you in some respect on this post.

    For example the Focal Utopia at about £3,500, are arguably the best headphones ever made. I bet that leaves room for a ten times sound quality improvement over the best £350 headphones.

    I know from being a Mojo owner and then buying the Hugo 2, that the Hugo 2 was worth it. I can't even put the difference into words. Mojo - £400, Hugo 2 £1800. Therefor 4.5 fold increase in price. ...... Considering the Mojo is thought widely as the best DAC up to the 2Qute when priced at £1000. (Now the 2Qute can be found for £800 new.) Then it's up to you how you value the Mojo, and then decide how many times it needs to be better.

    I think Hugo 2 has more output power, so better for driving high impedance headphones. It has RCA outputs. Input selection. Filters pre-sets. Two coxial inputs, or rather a double coaxial input. .. Then there's the sound..............
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    @GreenBow, well how to do you determine if something sounds ten times better? I don't think science is there yet, in fact I know science isn't there yet. That isn't to say that for you the Utopia isn't "ten times" better, that is a perfectly valid, albeit, non-scientific personal evaluation that cant be tested or refuted. I can only say that I am very happy for you that you feel that way about the Utopia, that is the point of this hobby to get that much joy so for you that was money well spent. I still feel that a well done less expensive headphone subjectively can provide a very high level of user satisfaction and beyond that, all of this is just opinion and not something we can test and compare as these experiences are unique, internal experiences beyond study and scrutiny. Even if we study a brain listening to music with an FMRI machine, we can observe activity, but that doesn't tell us how that activity is being experienced, we can simply notice that it occurs.
  6. ubs28
    While the P7W is a world class leading headphone in terms of wireless headphones, it is not in wired headphone. Far from it.

    You don’t need a $3500 headphone to hear the limitations of the P7 in wired mode as the $799 Aeons already exposes it quite easily.

    So I have to agree with the other poster that headphones like these are often the limitation.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Removed, don't want to continue an unproductive, off topic discussion. Cheers.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  8. rbalcom
    Your impression is correct. When the Mojo is correctly connected and turned on, it will replace iPad in the Air Play list with Mojo. It would seem that the Mojo is not connected to the iPad. Things to check include:

    • Are you using the data micro usb connection on the Mojo? Of the two micro usb jacks, it is the one on the left.
    • When you turn the Mojo on, the volume balls will light and the on/off ball will cycle through all the colors while the Mojo starts up. If not connected to a source, the on/off ball will not be lit. If the Mojo is connected the on/off ball will be lighted up.
    • Check the small LED under the right micro usb jack to make sure it is either blue, green or yellow. That is the battery charge indicator. Red means less than 10% battery charge.
    • You can try to connect your iPad charger to the cck to see if that helps. That should help make sure that the iPad connector has enough power to detect the Mojo and connect it.
    I hope that helps. Also check the cables and make sure it is not a bad cable. Good luck. I have the same setup on my iPhone X and iPad Pro and it works fine. Nothing to set on the iPad, Jremote or Media Center 22.

    I assume that your iPad Air is running iOS 11.2.5. Versions before 11 were known to not connect to the Mojo.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  9. baiyy1986
    2 o'clock in the morning, can't go to sleep.
    I want to share some of my own experience about the price of the gear.
    10X expensive gear does not mean 10X much more pleasure of music, it never just about the music.
    In fact, if you want to enjoy music, MP3+iphone+$100 headphone is more than enough.
    $200 for headphone, $100 for a DAC, $100 for an amp, congrats you are "hi-fi" enough.
    So if someone says he buy expansive music for the pleasure of music that is a lie.
    Same reason you have a brand new computer with an i9 chip or an i5 chip, 8G ram or 32G ram,8 core or 4 core, does not matter, they are all fast, so what is the difference?
    For me, of course, it is all about gear, all about a person who is curious about the capacity what other best person in the world can do, all about how a great team pushes its limit.
    Yes, all about the limit.
    For example, some of my friends' research is about building a model for the gene detection, the previous model is 98% accurate, his goal is to try to make it 99% or maybe 99.5%,
    Well, people will say 98% is good enough, but if no one wants to push the limit, how the society walk forward?
    Also why people chasing THD to 0.0000 something? that is pointless to some other people.
    The reason I bought the mojo is really simple, not just listen to the music, as I previously mentioned, the only huge difference I experienced is Shure 535, it really gives me a huge improvement of the sound. I am so curious how Chord pushes their limit to put something so tiny but make it so great. Because of this small tiny thing, I start some online course about FPGA, I want to add FPGA to my future research.
    I think we should all appreciate the work of art these people make, just like some many hate on the Apple product, there are so many hate on high-end stuff.
  10. ubs28
    Well, you could buy a 720p LCD screen with a 720p player and save alot of money. But I rather spend a bit more and enjoy my movies on a proper 4K TV on 4K resolution.

    Just like with audio, I enjoy a movie much more that has the best screen quality as possible.

    But ofcourse, you can enjoy good movies and music with lesser equipment.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  11. stephen0351
    where can I buy DSOTM in DSD?
  12. RiseFall123
    Are you sure you will get a really improvement?
  13. ubs28
    You can get CD quality which is at 1411 kbps and thus should be good enough if you cannot find the DSD version? :p
  14. stephen0351
    Im new to high res music, I have a Sony WM1A, I dont have any high res music yet, Im just asking where I can buy Pink Floyd in DSD or FLAC? I tried to get music from other people but they dont come through after they said they would share, no problem, I dont have a problem buying the music, but where? I cant find dsotm anywhere
  15. miketlse
    There are plenty of SACD for sale on ebay. https://www.ebay.fr/i/183037937253
    Like others have mentioned mojo + CD is good enough, unless you want the sacd 5.1 experience.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018

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