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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. musicheaven

    If you look at our friends photos, notice the moon audio dragon 75 ohm digital cable, it's not an analog cable but truly digital. For an audiophile, every once of performance is needed in order to get the clearest signal unaltered from the source. Sure the Mojo will work with the analog cable but it won't be performing at it's best.

    Any desktop unit you connect in your audiophile system either use the digital 75 ohm or the AES 110 ohm cables, that's just how those were specified by the audio manufacturers for component to component interfacing. It allows everyone to match one system to another. It's all about interfacing. If you do not match the two units then reflection could occur and can degrade the signal, what makes it more problematic is that you're dealing with digital instead of analog. It might not mean a huge deal for such a short cable length but for digital it's jitter you want to avoid.
  2. Ike1985
    Would a mobile phone feeding the mojo via usb have any of these sort of issues?
  3. Wilderbeast

    Ah ok, thanks.

    The downside of the AK / Mojo combo is the 'double fronted' setup. One of them has to be face-down on a surface. If putting my AK120 face-down I'd want to have it in a case, but having a case on an AK120 makes fast scrolling through albums almost impossible, unless you have child-thin fingers.
  4. spook76

    This may start a heated discussion but to me Tidal, Spotify or any streaming service is not a viable alternative to actually owning the album if you are serious about the music. My opinion has nothing to do with the technical aspects of using the Mojo with a streaming service and possible radio frequency interference but comes down to one unassailable issue, mastering.

    I have and continue to buy albums I already own again because the master is the most important link in the chain of music. With streaming services you have no idea of the master or who mixed it. Right now I have preordered two albums that I already own simply to get a new remix (Fragile by Yes and Damnation by Opeth both Steven Wilson remixes). In my experience, higher resolution is far far less important than the master or remastering and ceding control to a third party streaming service is foolish.
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  5. almoskosz
    I was planning on reading the whole topic, but I quickly realized that it'd be madness :D so I'm just asking here: Would you say that the mojo is the best sounding amp/dac for it's price? 
    If not, what would you call the best?
  6. h1f1add1cted
    Guys I really think I have a defect unit... after few days using the Mojo I got some really weird/odd buzzing and hissing even if no charger, no source and no headphone are attached the sound comes from the device itself.
    The strange part is if i press a while the volume buttons the buzzing and hissing disappears for while and than it comes up again. And after around 3-4 minutes the buzzing and hissing is completely gone.
    Always if I do a "cold" power on of the Mojo this buzzing and hissing comes up. I will send it back to the local Chord dealer, but I'm not happy to wait for a replacement again few weeks, because this little dac/amp is really great sounding if this strange buzzing and hissing is gone.

  7. musicheaven
    Digital transmission is based on SPDIF standard which transmits data and clock information as an encoded signal usually using PCM, that information is decoded on the Mojo into data and clock signal so it's important that the encoded information be jittered free and not degraded over short distance.
    The USB transmission on the other end is a device to device transmission mechanism using an encoding scheme and handshaking mechanism, it is usually stream based so more tolerant to poorer wire as frames are transmitted and decoded from the source to the target device. The target device will reconstruct the data and clock signal from the frame and then feed it to the DAC to be analog reconstructed and eventually band pass filtered to remove any residual high and low frequency signals out of the audio band.I still think you need to keep the USB cable short but it is more tolerant of longer lengths up to a limit.
    To make a story short, the short USB cable is fine but an analog cable used as a digital one is just a bad idea. Again, that's just my opinion.
  8. KT66
    As suspected, now sadly confirmed, not working with Windows Phone 8.1 - I no longer use this a phone (got Z5 last week)
    but will keep it as a camera and games/music player for kids - so will do Win10 update if it ever comes out, and if Win10 is good
    I might ditch the Z5
    Will report back again when Win10 is out
    BTW it's a Lumia 930
  9. Ike1985
    Pics of Z5 or it didn't happen.
  10. jamestux
    my 930 is running win 10 and my mojo still refuses to admit that it exists :) I was really enjoying the clash of dark and light aluminium sandwiching the bright green plastic too :wink:
  11. mscott58
    Face down for the Mojo is not an issue IME. I have them banded together and the bands act as a sort of buffer. Cheers 
  12. jamato8 Contributor
    What I like is the large button, which for me, allow for use under the Ak100 and they are still easily accessed, the bumpers or bottom of the Mojo is bottom down and each optical adjacent. I have a new optical cable from Sysconepts coming that is made for this short distance, 22 mm center to center. I got the 2.2 cable (all the casing except the last stripped off, which is a little more delicate but also allows for a closer fit (doesn't go out as far as the 5mm casing) so less protrusion. You just need to insert and take out each end a little at a time. 
  13. griff2
    Have you heard the 2Quote?  I've just got myself a NAC 92 pre-amp and will be putting the Mojo through that, when I get a power supply for the amp - just to hear what it can do through a speaker system.  I might just keep the DAC V1 for the time being but I'll be keen to audition the 2Quote through the NAC 92/NAP 100 combo.
  14. mathi8vadhanan
    +1. Stack Mojo front to AK's back, problem solved. C2C for my stack was 25 mm, because of the 3M tape, in between.
  15. Wyd4

    I use tidal and Google play to supliment not replace my library.
    I like that I can have music at my finger tips of decent sound quality (tidal) should I be in the mood for something different. But it doesn't replace music I own.

    I use Google play if streaming out and about sometimes. Less data
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