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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. SearchOfSub

    It's all inside and parts of the finalized DAC
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    So you are saying that the quality of the source DAC (which is completely bypassed using digital output) has EQ that will affect the sound quality being fed to the Mojo. Sorry, but that's absurd.

    Even if the DAC were used (which it isn't using digital output) you can not say that it is an EQ. The sound quality from a DAC is simply a factor of how well it can reproduce the original analogue signal as it is represented by zeros and ones in the digital stream. No EQ involved. You may be confusing the job of the DAC with the job of the file decoder or software EQ (done on the SoC). They are different.
  3. georgelai57
    Me ...  can of worms opener
  4. x RELIC x Contributor
    Yeah, I'm done. Apologies for any de-rail.
  5. MusicJunky
    Has anyone heard the mojo with the HE500 headphones? How well can it drive it? Thanks.
  6. lukeap69
    DAP or smartphones can send different signals to the external DAC? Example on my S6, if I play a FLAC file using the built in music player, the output will be 48kHz whilst if I play the same FLAC file using UAPP, the output will be as what the file is e.g. 96kHz, etc. Who knows what else the player is altering...
  7. NZtechfreak

    You don't have it quite right. Android is upsampling/re-sampling to 48KHz, that's not because of the player, that's because of the OS. UAPP, in contrast, is not changing the file at all, it's supplying it's own drivers and outputting the file at the correct sample rate.
  8. audionewbi
    What gravitates me towards Mojo is how natural it sounds. No part of the sound makes pause and think well this dac does so and so exceptionally well, and so and so very good. Nothing about the sound of Mojo stand out over anything else, meaning honestly it does not get in the way of me enjoying my music. 
    To me it successfully decodes the digital signal with zero chances of causing an ear fatigue. 
  9. lukeap69
    Alright, that's better explanation on the Android OS but my original statement is correct, signal coming from DAP or smartphones to DAC can be different even from the same file?
  10. x RELIC x Contributor

    Well yes. Depending on the decoding of the file and software. Even manufacturers don't fully get it...... Read below.....

    This was recently quoted in the FiiO X3 thread...

    So it's clear that depending on the capabilities of the player you may get a different sound when sending a decoded digital signal to an external DAC from different players.

    Edit: That said I personally feel that a player would have to be very poor if the digital signal sent to the Mojo was noticeably bad from the software decoding. We must be talking about very minor differences here from good sources.
    lukeap69 likes this.
  11. KT66

    It's been transferred from stick to z5, 24/44 files.
    I think you can still buy it. I have the original LPs and these high res flacs are the best way to hear the Fabs

    There is one on amazon now.
  12. headwhacker
    EQs in DAPs are usually done in software before the data is fed to the DAC. DACs usually does only the conversion from Digital to analogue signal, minimum filtering and/or resampling. Can you tell one DAP that does EQ inside the DAC?
  13. KT66
    Digital cables are never my favourite topic, a great example of how the audio industry shoots itself in the foot.Too many variables scare many people off.

    So just for a laugh I used a cheap ifi analogue 3.5 to 3.5 between DX90 and Mojo and it works perfectly. So I try a few others (fiio, Kimber and QED) and every single one works, so dont worry about finding a specialised coax cable. It seems analogue will do the job.
  14. georgelai57
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    Yes it does work if the coaxial out pins are set for 3.5mm TS from the player. If the player has a combined line-out / coaxial port (like the FiiO X3ii and X5ii) then it doesn't work.
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