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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. mjdutton

    I think the Mojo is better than the Chord 2Qute by quite a large margin in all areas, and it looks nicer too.
  2. kiertijai
    Hi, I have followed this thread for some time
    I would like to know where can I find a good micro to microB (OTG)
    to connect between my Samsung Galaxy S4 to the chord Mojo?
    price around 50 US dollars and length around 20-30 cm
  3. KT66
    Sony Z5, Mojo, T70p, Beatles 24bit USB stick.


    Shockingly good. That's my Sunday night planned.
  4. Paul Meakin
    Might anything less dark than the TH-900s be taking the sound signature in the wrong direction? Unless the TH-900s are just peaky at the wrong frequencies...
    Closed vs open is the easiest compromise to make at present. The XCs and ether C are over budget this time, I was looking closer to HD-650 price than TH-900.
    You've dropped on my dilemma though... finding the headphone that mixes the desired characteristics of the two I have isn't proving to be easy!
  5. Black Dog
    Sounds good to me!  [​IMG]
    Just two questions:
    How would you connect the USB stick in combination with Sony Z5 & Mojo?
    Where to find this Beatles 24bit collection?
  6. fuzzybaffy
    Actually, I think it's just an issue of the TH-900 being such a unique headphone (I have a pair myself). It somehow manages to be dark, yet quick and energetic at the same time... it's very unique to the headphones. Usually when headphones are dark, they are mellow, like the HD-650 or the Audeze's. 
    So if you're looking for "quick and fast pace", I think the Hifi-man planar magnetics (other than Audeze's, which as I mentioned before, are dark) would be a good choice. Hifi-man does have cheaper planar magnetics in the HD-650 price range. 

    But, of course, ultimately you should listen for yourself, and find what works for you. I hope you're not going to base a purchasing decision completely on some stranger's advice. [​IMG] 
  7. NZtechfreak

    The XC isn't a great can for me. Wonky treble and terrible comfort. Closed but not in the least portable. I'm heading to Fedex to collect my Ether C in a couple of minutes after I collect the Mojo from the dealer, suspect that if the C shares the lovely extended and smooth treble of the Ether it'll be a good choice for someone having difficulty with poorer recordings.
  8. Paul Meakin
    I'd formed the same view of the TH-900s, as you say dark often equates to somewhat slow. The new Hifiman 400s did also sound promising but they're obviously not closed. My bigger concern on Hifiman is historical reliability issues, but I'm guessing they're better than they used to be as they're still in business some years later.
    Anyone that knows me would know that I can be a rather cynical individual (or being charitable to myself 'experienced in life'), so I never take anyone's advice at face value, whether free or paid for... [​IMG] 
  9. obsidyen

    PM-3s are amazing with Mojo. I'm very happy with this pairing. I feel Mojo brings out the best in PM-3.
    jamestux likes this.
  10. Paul Meakin
    Thanks, I should have said that I've been spoiled regarding comfort by the TH-900s. HD-650s are ok (I have slightly large and sticky out ears) and my now retired Stax Lambdas are just horribly uncomfortable.
    Good luck with the Ethers, and please let us know how they pair with the Mojo.
  11. jamestux
    I wanted closed back HD600s for my commute and bought the PM-3s - they do a great job (and sound pretty similar) and require a lot less driving than the Sennheisers.  They are also very comfortable and seem to be incredibly well built.  I stop at about 2 hours and switch to IEMs in the office so I'm not sure what they'd be like all day.
  12. wahsmoh

    Has anyone ever compared the PM-3 to the Alpha Dogs? I own the HD600s and I have been looking at the PM-3 since it looks more portable than the Alpha Dog. I am just worried that I might be underwhelmed by the sound. I remember reading some impressions way back about something wonky with the PM-3 but I haven't seen anyone compare them to the AD.
  13. Paul Meakin
    Thanks both, the PM-3 are sounding better and better. James, are they any more energetic than the Senns?
  14. Black Dog
    Don't forget to give the Philips Fidelio X2 an audition.
    Yes, they are open cans but  very dynamic and really forgiving on Lo-Fi material.
    Sound leakage is acceptable compared to f.i. AKG K702 (according to my girlfriend). 
    They need around eighty hours of burn in to really shine though.
    Extremely comfy also.
  15. jamestux
    Good question! Yes when the music is, but without harshness, Norah Jones is just smooth and amazing to listen to on them, whereas other "energetic" phones cause her to sound a bit screechy and tiring.

    Does that help?
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