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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. derGabe
    Oppo HA-2 has been sold, half of the investment of my Mojo is recovered. It really is that good and strapped with Velcro to my DX90 its a perfect Match.
  2. Watagump
    Isn't this true with most things bought on the internet? Even buying at a brick and mortar costs time and money.
  3. musicheaven

    It does but it's worst when the manufacturer is located abroad.
  4. cho8
    I suppose certain comments can be phrased a bit more delicately but the point is still the same. If there is a serious issue with your product then there is a warranty and the few cases where a Mojo has been returned has been dealt with efficiently(I think a straight swap was suggested when new shipments come in). Just have a little patience. From reports the hissing is occasionally annoying rather than a massive deal breaker. Mine actually cut out a few times when I placed my phone next to it but after some longer testing the problem didn't reoccur. I mentioned it once on the forums and didn't act like it was the end of the world or accuse Chord of underhand dealings as problems sometimes happen with new products and you just have to deal with it in a systematic and calm manner.

    I like the post a few posts back where someone said they don't want to be an early adopter but, I assume expects help and feedback from people who were willing to shell out and deal with potential problems just so he/she can have a fault free product!

    On the point about having to pay up front for the mojo and then going on a waiting list, as mentioned before, this is how the dealer operates so don't blame Chord for that. JF also mentioned that some dealers(like some potential buyers)didn't want to place too many orders early as they didn't know what the demand would be but then felt it was okay to accuse Chord of having issues! Also, there are other products where you have to pay the full amount up front when ordering. Not all companies do it, but if you're not happy with that then don't order and wait a few weeks/months later until they are physically available in the shops.
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  5. Watagump
    I tried to warranty a video card way back in the day. It was from evga, they are in Brea which is a simple drive. So I went there, they made me ship the card so they could use shipping tracking as a receipt of the item. So even though I wanted to walk out with a new card, they shipped me the warrantied card.
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  6. griff2
    The Mojo, and the Hugo, really are game changers.  I'm thinking of selling my DAC V1 (which the Mojo beats) and getting a Chord 2Qute and a used NAC 92 to feed the NAP 100.
  7. fuzzybaffy
    Yes, it is indeed true. But is that a reason why people shouldn't want to avoid doing a warranty exchange if they could? 
  8. griff2
    Wow, I'm now wondering how the Mojo stacks up against the Chord 2Qute (which has the same DAC section as the Hugo and which I'm thinking of buying).  The Mojo's certainly shown up the DAC V1, which I now find difficult to listen to after the Mojo..
  9. musicheaven

    I gather they just were not interesting in talking to a direct customer, having faceless support is less painful on their end. This seems to be a relative impersonal business and not a boutique shop where every customer counts so you had very little buying power. :wink_face:
  10. singleended58

    AK 100 seems to be disappeared on the market but now Mojo makes them coming back with high prices???
  11. Watagump
    It was quite the opposite, an employee came and sat with me for a while and I explained how the card was acting up. evga, is great, I just figured it would save time by getting another card that day, in the end it did not.
  12. musicheaven

    Really, I just saw a discounted ak100 for 599$ brand new from a well known internet audio store, I guess maybe they were not reading this post. :D
  13. Paul Meakin
    Having had the Mojo for a couple of weeks now, I've got a system balance quibble.

    My main headphones are Fostex TH-900s, which I'm happy with when combined with the Mojo on decent to well recorded material, but I find the combination to be unforgiving with lower quality recordings. Unforgiving beyond the point of being tolerable to listen to for very long.

    My other headphones are HD-650s, which are much more forgiving tonally, but I've always found them somewhat slow paced on more energetic forms of music (e.g. electric blues); which is why I bought the TH-900s.

    So, an ideal match would seem to be a slightly darker sounding headphone than the TH-900s that has better pace and timing than the HD-650s. Ideally closed back, so they can be used anywhere. They'll probably only be used with the Mojo as a travel system, hence why I'm asking here rather than in one of the headphone forums.

    Oppo PM-3s are the best option I've come up with so far but I'd like a short-list that I can then audition.

    Any suggestions?
  14. mscott58

    Beach Camera is selling a new AK100 mk2 for only $399 and the AK120 for $649. Cheers
  15. fuzzybaffy
    They're not closed back, but since you mentioned pacing and timing, I would suggest the Hifimans or Ether. They are very quick, but admittedly, not as dark sounding as the TH-900's. 
    If you absolutely need closed back, then Ether C or Audeze XC maybe? I liked the Ether more than the Ether C, however, and I haven't heard the Audeze XC. 
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