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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. maxedfx
    x RELIC x see above post by Mojo ideas about the add-on module.
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    Seeing as the battery's micro USB port is built in to the shown prototype it looks like it may be possible. Again, who knows what the final product will end up being like. Would be great to have extended battery life as well.
  3. maxedfx

    Hope they release, or share official news about the add-ons soon!!
  4. x RELIC x Contributor

    You quoted the same link I pointed you to. It says the add-on will swallow the CCK, not replace it. You are proving my point. Thank you. No MFI in the foreseeable future.
  5. maxedfx
    :thumbsup: its 2am here and am sleepy..
    Enjoy the mojo mate!
  6. barbes

    Could you provide a link? Many thanks.
  7. urob

    thanks for the pointer. I guess it might be somewhat second order then.
    on another note: my reading so far is that the Mojo is great as a DAC. Can someone give my some comparison of how great it is an an amp? I have the Violectric v200, I presume the Mojo would play a league below, right?
  8. barbes

    Disregard - found it - thanks anyway.
  9. musicheaven

    Looks like @Relic you're right and got my answer from a prior poster for the new extensions:

    "The other plates will be a Bluetooth, a Wifi (UPNP) and/or a SD card reader. The Bluetooth butt plate allows connection to Bluetooth without cables (need to hear this as cables usually produce better sound). The Wifi butt plate allows connection to an UPNP device like a computer to pull audio from a mass music library. And the SD card reader is for audio file storage."

    Looking at the pic, I hope that the new extensions will be more refined and in harmony with the Mojo but got to say it's giving it more legs, just wondering how much.
  10. Hachiko270296
    Is this correct I can't use the Mojo with my tube amps in the sense that I'm getting the Mojo's sound and not the colouring I want from my amps?
  11. jamestux
    It has a line out more to feed your amps if that's what you're asking?
  12. cattlethief
    As soon as the modules are available,the ipod touch will be a perfect match.
  13. spook76
    It already is. With the CCK camera kit and a USB A to micro B adapter all you need is ONE cable. The only limitation is the 128GB storage which for me is not a limitation because I do not plan on being stranded on a desert island with power but away from my iMac. With the lightning cable swapping music takes seconds per gigabyte. Further it has the best user interface and the fastest most efficient processor (Apple's A8) in the DAP world. Only the iPhone 6 (slightly) and 6s is faster. I would love to see the Geek Bench test of any AK processor.
  14. Skyyyeman
    Glass Toslink cable to mini 3.5mm

    I've been looking around for a small glass Toslink to mini cable that would be usable with the A&K DAPs and the Mojo. Glass fiber optic cables are certainly much superior to generic plastic Toslink cables and are, I understand, even superior to the "fiber" cables used by Sysconcept and Moon --"fiber" in this case meaning plastic fiber. (I originally thought fiber might mean glass fiber but no -- it's plastic fiber.)

    But there is a glass Toslink to mini cable produced by Lifatek USA, in New York State.

    The company is sub of a German company which makes flexible glass Toslink cables mainly for the medical community but also used by audiophiles. The price is $65 for a 20" length but the site says they'll make custom lengths, presumably smaller lengths if you want. I'm going to call them on Monday to find out.

    Here's a review with pics by a well-regarded Audioasylum member and a link to the site:



    Some Head-Fi members have mentioned this company and their cables in the past, and the cables were positively reviewed by members of Computer Audiophile.

    While the cables won't be "form fit" cables like Sysconcept and Moon offer, the cables are flexible and apparently sturdy.

    If you're willing to sacrifice some convenience for the best sound, this would (so far) appear to be the cable to do it. I expect I'll order one even though I have a Sysconcept cable being shipped to me. At least I'll be able to do a comparison at some point.
  15. audionewbi
    Lifatec cables are great but extremely fragile. 
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