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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.

    It'll come with a new pricing strategy. The cost will be the GDP of a randomly selected developing country.
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  2. canali
    into 2018 (ces show?) I predict a new mojo....that will still work with the current accessories.
  3. TG04
    Ha-ha-ha, that's funny what you opined about the exchange rate although honestly I doubt that is something controlled at HQ.  Having said that, it's probably no surprise to members that Chord tightly controls their UK dealers to prevent export sales priced in Pound Sterling, I think it would be hard to find an online UK based seller who will export, and if you pick up one of these little cuties while visiting GB you'll have to pay the 20% VAT (well, maybe you can get part of that back at Heathrow if you play your cards right).
  4. Brushane
    I am starting to have a problem with my Mojo. On four occasions the Mojo has output pure static liud noise instead of music. Very loud, pure discomfort. This happens while playing a track and not when switching tracks. A few times first the sound out get very, very low, almost quiet and after that pure static white noise.
    First I thought it was my software player playing a part in this, but it has happened with different software unfortunately, so now I believe my Mojo is to blame. 
    What can be going on? Anyone else heard about this issue?
  5. jamato8 Contributor

    Have you contacted Chord? 
  6. Brushane
    Nope, not yet. First I want to see if anyone else here has experienced it. Don't worry though, I will contact either my store or Chord eventually.
  7. TG04
    Yeah, but next year Cable (GBP/USD) might be completely different again ...
    Yes, it happened to me also a couple of times,very unpleasant!  In my case, though, it was not the Mojo at fault but rather the PC acting badly (it had accidentally swallowed some bad driver updates from Microsoft) 
  8. TG04
    Like Rick Perry said "Oops!"  When you wrote "GDP" actually I read "GBP" ... well, it was funny just the same!
  9. Djsenjaya
    Hi.. Im using axon 7 with mojo. I currently have dsd256 file and using uapp. When i use Dsd to pcm conversion on dsd mode. The mojo show blue color.
    After i change it to dop mode. It turn to white but the sound was pausing every few second. Whats going on? Is there any fix?
  10. Music Alchemist
    haha. Now I'm thinking of a scene from a TV series in which someone makes a bet that is higher than the GDP of any country. (Because in this series, apparently a handful of people are that rich.)
    I'm glad the Hugo 2 is priced the same in the UK and US, unlike the DAVE.
    Like I mentioned in a recent post, some UK dealers let US customers buy online, then pick it up from the UK without paying VAT. Import tax to the US still applies, but it's not high at all.
    I encountered alien noise a few times with DSD, but that's it. Never happens for me with PCM.
    That's stuttering, when the music frequently stops and starts. I can only tell you how to fix it on a computer: store the files in virtual RAM drives.
  11. SunVillage
    I've just found out that the port is removed in the new pcb (Mojo_issue 2)
    Is there any specific reason why you made such (very slight, but yet interesting) change? 
  12. miketlse
    This is news, please quote your source, or provide a link.
  13. SunVillage
    Thanks for taking an interest in the subject haha. 
    Unfortunately, head-fi is not giving me a permission to provide a link or upload a image. 
    (Is it because I've just join the Head-fi? Perhaps? idk...)
    I would appreciate if you would upload the image of the new pcb on my behalf. 
    Google 'Chord mojo pcb' -> It's the second image you see under image category. 
  14. Mojo ideas
    Only the first few Mojos ever had the internal port fitted. Volume production units have not had them since the early days of production.
  15. miketlse
    Thanks, I thought it odd that production Mojos would have the programming port included, so I asked for the source or link.

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