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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Mojo ideas
    Yes it's truly splendid that we've reached that number of well informedcomment and mostly good humoured pages of comment. Hopefully with Matt and Mitch out in New York doing a Show and Tell of Mojo Poly and Hugo2 at CanJam we will have quite a few more soon.
  2. betula
    I am talking about the message my NOD32 brought up. Even NOD32 can make a mistake, do not take it personally. :wink:
  3. English Gent

    Just use a App like Flac player. great app.
  4. NoAlCastor
    Does the Mojo allow for user firmware upgrades? If so is there ever likely to be an update to allow full MQA decoding?
  5. audi0nick128
    I think it's not very likely, since for full MQA support Chord/Rob would need to hand over very detailed construction information.

    And I think it's understandable that Chord/Rob aren't down for that.

  6. Music Alchemist
    On the topic of snare drum impact...
    I believe one factor that made the Creative Sound Blaster E1 (a pretty cheap DAC/amp) hit a lot harder than the Mojo was simply that its amp was being pushed to its limits at high volume. Plus it's not neutral and its DAC is harsher, so there ya go.
  7. NoAlCastor

    Ahh ok that is understandable. I would have thought MQA would have simply licenced the decoding technology
  8. audi0nick128
    let's hope that MQA will allow more than one unfolding via software, further down the line.
  9. canali
    No I'm not taking it personally...i was just pointing out it's legit so feel OK to visit that site. It's stereophile.com

    No. Chord has confirmed this.
  11. jwbrent

    I assumed different. Good to know.

    I guess that means we'll have to wait until the Mojo 2 to get MQA compatibility ...
  12. betula
    Thank you. [​IMG]
  13. rkt31
    may be after some time there are few cheap third party hardware solutions available which fully decode mqa and output decoded pcm via coaxial or digital out .
  14. canali
    sorry if my tone wasn't as cvil as i normally attempt...i replied late at night, was groggy.
    (my excuse from the doghouse [​IMG])_
  15. TG04
    Don't hold your breath ... maybe the best we can hope for in order to achieve full MQA is a backpack to attach to the Mojo (I am shamelessly repeating another member's idea) - kind of like the Poly.  
    As far as I am concerned such a unit could even be made be a 3rd party as the MQA concept comes in (at least) three parts; decoder, renderer, and complete unit - there's no requirement to offer the full package.  And no need to share your corporate Intellectual Property.  
    Maybe the first 2 could be combined in a little unit to put on your USB port, like the Audioquest Jitterbug, made by some enterprising outfit yet to be identified.  Or what if Meridian would offer the Explorer2 with digital outputs ... but maybe that would constitute apostasy?
    A Chord rep has told me as well that there are no firmware upgrades for any purpose.  He said their units are designed & built as best they know how at the time, as newer designs/components become available, that would be a new product launch.

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