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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Music Alchemist
    I obviously have not heard the Hugo 2, but as a fellow Elear and Mojo owner, I can say that I am far more interested in a DAC upgrade than a headphone upgrade. And the Hugo 2 is said to be one of the greatest DACs in the world regardless of price.
    Try these EQ settings with your Elear! My goodness...it's magical.
  2. MartynB85
    What is that? Hugo's going cheap second hand?
    I have no intention of changing cans, I love my Elears. Will try those settings though.
    It is a tough decision regarding the Hugo 2. I don't know how wealthy you folk are, but nearly £2k is a hell of alot of money. I'd have the thing strapped to me 24/7! [​IMG] 
  3. jmills8
    a few Hugos has been put up for sale. If you never had one I would suggest you try and grab one.
  4. rbalcom
    I would guess that you are not getting a response because nobody else is using coax to connect the Mojo to the iMac. The iMac will show what is actually connected in the Audio MIDI Setup app. The setting you select should be based on the sample rate of the tracks you are playing to the coverter so the iMac does not upsample before sending. You can tell the sample rate that the Mojo is receiving by the color of the power ball. If it matches what you set in iMac, the converter is not changing it. I have not done this so it is what I think based on what I know about the iMac and Mojo.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor
    Asking for a friend,

    Anyone use Neutron player in direct driver mode to the Mojo and have any issues? Anyone experience a 'fast forward effect' like 3x normal speed with Mojo from Neutron?
  6. musickid
    Thanks rbalcom,
    relatively new to this stuff on a steep learning curve.
  7. warrior1975

    Not sure what direct driver mode is, but I've used mojo and neutron many many times, all without issue.
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    PM incoming. :)
  9. canali
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  10. traehekat
    Can anyone recommend a small micro usb to lightning cable?

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  11. YtseJamer
  12. traehekat

    Ordered, thanks! Also bought the iPhone 7/Mojo case.

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  13. GreenBow
    I used to love listening to my motherboard on-board sound. However I haven't done so since buying Mojo, or Meridian Explorer. I should go back for a listen. It's an Asus board and Asus make their own sound cards. I think some of their sound-card technology has trickled down to their motherboards.
    Just trying on-board motherboard sound again now, and it's exceptional for a £75 motherboard. (Mojo leaves it competently behind though, as expected. [​IMG])
    Motherboard manufacturers are generally improving on-board sound across many boards though, and incorporating proper headphone amps. I think the weakest link in the chain is the piece of cable between motherboard and front headphone port.
  14. betula
  15. canali

    Have no idea what you're talking about ... it's a legit link

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