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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Whitigir

    Corrected! Thank you
  2. sheldaze
    What is a tap? Is it an abbreviation for something, which I can go research myself?
  3. pearljam50000
    Can it drive the HD800?
  4. proedros
    so it connects with zx2 through a typical usb ?
  5. georgelai57
    Brimar has not yet tested with Chord Mojo. I was just chatting with them the last hour or so.
  6. deuter
    I believe the Sony cable should be sufficient, I know it's big but one can always wrap it around the players.
  7. proedros
    you mean the stock USB/LOcable that comes with the zx2 and which is used for charging the device ?
  8. JohnStamin
    This Cable Support : Chord Mojo ?
  9. episiarch Contributor
    It's an element of the type of filter used for reconstructing the waveform from the digital samples.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finite_impulse_response is a good starting point.
    sheldaze likes this.
  10. JohnStamin
    Support Walkman ZX100 To Chord Mojo ?


    1. Exclusive Walkman® conversion cable for Hi-Res Audio digital output *While connecting the Walkman® with other audio devices, the Walkman® unit is not charged
    2. Hi-Res Audio output with Walkman® digital connection to other audio devices: UDA-1, SRS-X9, MAP-S1 (as of April 19, 2014)
    3. Aluminum tape shield reduces the influence of the exterior noise and signal interference
    4. Silver plating processing allows transmission of high-speed digital signal faithfully to deliver high-quality sound

  11. mjdutton
    You will find the Mojo quite a bit better (musically) than the Hugo.  Warmer, less clinical and better bottom end, and if the first 24 hours are anything to go by it will get better.  I'm hoping that Chord will provide an upgrade for my Hugo, should only be a PCB swap?
  12. EH-Yeon
    has anyone unscrew this tiny black pearl?
  13. Duncan Moderator
    Skipping a couple of pages (understandably busy thread!) for those enquiring about the volume control, it is split in two halves, ranging from brown to white on the LEFT button only for 0-50% and then brown to white on BOTH buttons for 51-100%...

    Hope this helps
  14. Duncan Moderator
    Correct, that's the one :) battery life on the Walkman takes a massive hit though :frowning2:
  15. bigjim
    Why oh why don't they include a Micro to Micro USB OTG cable in the box, that is an oversight that should be addressed. Its tricky enough to get hold of super short otg's (Hats off to ibasso who's Mini to Micro cable in the D Zero Mk2 is fantastic) without the manufacturers brandishing compatibility with android and then leaving these basics out the box. 
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