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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. audionewbi
    Looking forward to enjoythemusic review. Actually I should not be reading any reviews and wait till I hear it for myself.
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  2. Jeff Y
    One quick question please: Does the Mojo have the crossfeed feature like the Hugo does? If not, do you think the sound makes it sound so that it sounds like the Hugo with the crossfeed settings at red? I find myself using red for 80~90 percent of my recordings with the Hugo so I am curious.
    Thank you!
  3. KT66

    Heard the Hugo twice, both times with macbook pro, not impressed sounded harsh to me, and didn't make me want to sell my 901. I prefer my mdac though its very close. But its great to see so many people excited.
  4. Jeff Y
    Hugo fed by coaxial is a huge difference from USB IMO. Especially if paired with the right device.
  5. PhilW
    It's live but very limited stock all

  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    I have this question sent to Rob but right now it doesn't look like it.
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  7. MoonAudio Contributor
    Chord Electronics new MoJo Digital Analog Converter (DAC) and headphone amp is something special. Audiophiles know Chord's Mojo's older brother, the Chord Hugo, well. 

    The Hugo set new standards for musicality, warmth and intimacy in digital music. If the Chord Hugo is portable, the Chord Mojo is ultra-portable with a smaller footprint, so small you can wrap your hand around.

    Moon-Audio.com founder Drew Baird is in England listening to Mojo's introduction. He reports Chord Hugo's little brother's Mojo sounds amazing.

    Many musical revolutions from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols started in England. As Drew is discovering in England right NOW. Chord Electronics new Mojo proves England is the home to the portable digital music revolution too.

    "Ridiculous," Drew just said from across the pond. Drew says his ears are on fire listening to Chord's new MoJo. Ridiculous and on fire in a GOOD WAY!

    As Soon as we can get some words from Drew on what he hears we can modify and expand. 
    Limited Stock Arriving Soon at Moon Audio.  Ships as soon as it arrives.

    Moon Audio Stay updated on Moon Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/MoonAudio/ https://twitter.com/MoonAudio https://instagram.com/moonaudio https://www.moon-audio.com/
  8. beemarman
    No crossfeed on the Mojo. Haven't listened to mine yet (charging) so can't answer your question. Never really used the crossfeed on my Hugo
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  9. mscott58

    Thanks Drew!
  10. musicday
    Well done Chord.
    This sounds as good as Hugo in a much smaller package at a more affordable price.
  11. sujitsky
    Looking forward to impressions!
  12. beemarman
    Here's a picture with my AK100. It's the same physically. image.jpg

    The size of this thing is just amazing. I haven't had the chance to hear it yet or to compare it to my Hugo, but all I can say is, if it sounds just 70% of the Hugo then it's a winner.

    I see used prices of the Hugo coming down in the next few weeks because of the mojo. I'm still going to keep both. Hugo for home use and mojo for portable use.
  13. mochill
    I'm definitely interested :laughing:
  14. Mython Contributor
    If anyone reading this thread is wondering if it's just hype...
    I totally understand.
    But... it's not.
    The Mojo gets incredibly close to the Hugo, in spite of the drastic reduction in size and price - incredibly close.
  15. JaZZ Contributor
    But you know that you can listen to it during charging. Don't be a slouch! [​IMG]
    And which one is in front?
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