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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Bulbsofpassion
    Totally agree with that, I've tried USB w/ferrites compared with optical, and couldn't really tell the difference.
  2. guido
    Anyone tried the Focal Elears with the Mojo?
  3. MartynB85

    Yes, had my Elears for about a week. They make an excellent combo.
  4. MartynB85

    Thanks for the info, I will definitely be looking into this.
  5. sarang-i
    After long listening, I found mojo, for high-impedance HP, need a decent tube amp, not SS.
    With hd6xx it tends to produce a very harsh sound and have an lack of impact.
    But with low-impedance HP or IEM, it is full-bodied and very quite resolving.
    I will leave some my views after getting my amp and pairing it with mojo.
  6. vaibhavp

    depends on which amp. with fiio e12, it was quiet clinical. unlistenable.

    with burson soloist sl, its a different story. with hard to drive hps like hd700, mojo smoothes out a lot of detail. with burson in chain level of detail was very good. sound was enjoyable too. details on vocals was noteworthy. i was surprised how it recreated every breath, smack of lip etc. heard it for first time.
  7. Audio-Mark

    I tried the Elear with the Mojo and the ifi Micro iDSD Black and found the latter a better combination.
  8. JacquesDewitt
    Hi, I am a new user of chord mojo, so I have many doubts.
    reading the faq I found that recommended Combo 7: Anker charger + Anker cable / Chord Mojo's bundled cable = Case 1, slightly quieter than combo 6 directly compared, with no pattern to the noise (always the same loudness)

    are all the Chargers anker compatible?

    is it normal that when the battery is full and it continues through the pc, the light back to ignite?

    My apologies for my poor

    Best regards
  9. canali
    and one more...wow...even huger (...that sounds SO Trump-like )
    full of sub threads and topics sponsored by Sonore for their microrendu
  10. tracyca
    This morning going trough collection of IEM and just grabbed my monster gratitudes and from my iPad Air 2 and chord Mojo. I must say they sound quit good! I almost didn't open up the sealed box.
  11. Music Alchemist
    Wait a few days and I should have an Elear.
    The HD 6XX is supposed to sound the same as the HD 650...and the HD 650 is one of the *least* harsh headphones I have heard, even when driven from a Schiit Fulla.
    Just to confirm, are you driving the HD 6XX directly from the Mojo?
    Smooths out a lot of detail? The HD 800 had more detail than I've ever heard before, and this is regardless of whether it was driven by the Mojo, 430HAD, or HDVD 800.
  12. sarang-i
    Yes, well implemented gear will do it for their expenses.
  13. sarang-i
    Yes, i'm listening with it directly
    Also i found last night, that depends on well or poor recorded track.
    But when even hearing former, i felt like it's amazing while i wish have some dynamics more.
    And for latter, it has less body of sound.
  14. Music Alchemist
    I was just confused when you described it as harsh, as the HD 650 has no treble peaks to speak of and never sounded harsh to me. Perhaps you are describing the harshness / thinness of certain recordings? Or perhaps the HD 6XX doesn't sound the same as the HD 650 even though it was hyped up to. The HD 650 is more laid-back than hard-hitting, so it's not going to have the strongest dynamics when driven from accurate electronics.
  15. sarang-i
    Yes, that's correct.
    Perhaps, what i was saying is actually about that i wish to hear full-bodied sound more.
    Anyway when i go home today, i will pairing it with Night Blues Mini and find out what's gonna be different.

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