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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. davidjan
  2. audi0nick128
    Hey Grumpy

    can you elaborate this a little further?
    What first hand experience are you talking about? Remote controle of the UI via phone to play files stored on the SD card of a device usb connected to Mojo? Sounds pretty nice to me.
    One potential danger/problem I see would be the volume controle of Mojo via the software...

    Or do you only see problems in case of streaming?

  3. canali
    the sonore micro rendu...anyone using one with their Mojo for at home listening/desktop setup?
    i just became interested after reading Dar's review (below) of the new Kef LS50 wls,
    (his 2016 product of the yr) in which he also mentions the micro rendu.
    i'm a visual guy when it comes to new (and esp tech related) stuff, so this
    guy's youtube is quite insightful in which he has it paired with his Hugo
    (has them for Roon, etc....Darko in his email to me seems to respect him, too)
    then it seems you should buy some sort of  line conditioner, too.

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    I was refering to going down the road of discussing perceived shortcomings of the Poly...

    I'm not taking the bait here... it'll just lead to flagged posts and pissing off the mods. There is a reason I left the other thread.
  5. audi0nick128
    wasn't my intention to hook you...
    That's why I asked if you where referring to streaming, which has been widely discussed, allredy :wink:

    I simply misinterpreted your post.
    I thought you meant the headless controle approach as 'not a good road'
    and was just curious.

    Anyway now I get what you meant

  6. Light - Man
    Good call Bro, never take the bait particularly when you do not own it [​IMG] as it could have ended a bit like this. [​IMG]
    When is Mython due back from his fishing trip? 
  7. audi0nick128
    are you calling me fat?
  8. Weatherlight

    Check out the SOtM sMS 200, it's better than the mRendu in some ways, and it's cheaper also.

    I've had the mR before but I use a Hugo TT, so I can't comment on the Mojo... so I could only recommend. :D
  9. Light - Man
    It maybe best to let your other half answer that question. [​IMG]
    I think whoever designed the bench was a HF dude who must have had his mind on his next gear purchase. 
    p.s. for portable use I reckon there is no/little benefit for going galvanically isolated as your player/DAP is running off battery power (I have never encountered any associated harshness)
  10. audi0nick128
    how did we get to galvanic isolation?
    was it anything I said?

    Anyway I aggree that for battery powered devices galvanic isolation will likely be less important.
    Still I remember Rob mentioning that galvanic isolation was not implemented in Mojo/Hugo because it would use extra power, he didn't say that it would be a moot point for battery powered devices.

    How did we get here? :p
  11. Light - Man
    I am always here in cyberspace - where are you? [​IMG]
    (brother Canali mentioned it a few posts back)
  12. audi0nick128

    Guess I didn't make the transfer from 'some sort of line conditioner' to galvanic isolation and thought you were referring to me mentioning it...

    I am also here, but maybe I am a bit slow today :D
  13. traehekat
    Can anyone recommend a few solid IEMs that can be adequately driven by the Mojo's amp? I am looking into upgrading my "portable" rig -- I currently have an iPod Classic going into a AlgoRhythm Solo to the ALO Rx Mk3-B, but I find myself unwilling to lug this brick around with me during my commute. I am thinking about pairing the Mojo with the original (?) AK 100 (the smaller one), but if the Mojo's amp isn't up to snuff then I may rethink my approach. Thanks!
  14. maximal112
    The amp in the Mojo will power any IEM with ease. It can power many full size headphones with no issues so I can't imagine you'd ever see any issues with an IEM. 
    As for recommendations I think that entirely depends on your budget but whatever you choose will pair nicely with the Mojo, I know my K10's have.
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  15. Zojokkeli
    Mojo has plenty of juice to drive most headphones and IEMs out there. Not sure if there even is an IEM that Mojo couldn't drive.

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