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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. ThomasHK
    I have both. Surprisingly perhaps, but the difference is big. 

    Don't get me wrong, the HA-2 is not bad and I enjoyed it for a while. But... the Mojo takes things to another level. Things that it easily beats the HA-2 in are naturalness (realness of instruments), 3D soundstage (not just wide, depth and layers in the depth... amazing), lower noise floor, ... the list goes on really.
  2. WCDchee
    That's the thing, Different transports, for whatever reason, can sound very different with pretty big improvements. That's why I'm hesitant to go down the path of the small dap transports. I was tempted for the AK100, but it just didn't sound very good as a transport. The dac duties are not the whole story. That's why people spend money on streamers and transports in the hifi realm.
    The thing about the mojo is this, while it does sound great even with any cheap player or phone, it is, to my ears very very sensitive to transport usage, more so than the hugo and because of that, it kinda pains me (lol) as a HUGE mojo fan, to see people only using the mojo with really cheap transports. The mojo can go from being just meh with a poor transport (my original fiio x5 was such an example) to sounding absolutely huge and ridiculously good on the esther m1pro. 
    I know it's hard to image, but try it when you have the chance, go two ends of the spectrum, try it out in a shop with the AK100 and the AK380, the difference is stark.
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  3. Arpiben
    AFAIK Mojo has only one amplification stage. Therefore both jacks are sharing the same voltage (Outputs are in parallel).
  4. DjBobby

    I have noticed that too but was wondering, what is the real cause of that? Different implementation of inputs on Mojo, or the weakness of the transport? My X5II through coax doesn't sound so good as iPhone connected to Mojo. I was speculating that it might be that the Mojo's usb implementation is much better than coax. In this case I was eyeballing the AP60 or M1 to connect it through usb. But if all of the Mojo's inputs are of equal quality, than it would probably bring no improvement at all, unless I go for a higher-tier transport.
  5. WCDchee
    I find it difficult to comment on the quality of the different inputs in comparison with each other. That said, even on the same input, different transports sound quite vastly different.
    In all honestly I would recommend a transport upgrade. That said, I would not recommend something like the 380, that's quite a waste to be used solely as a transport. Hence the soundaware esther m1 or m1pro, they do not cost ridiculous amounts, yet sound amazing as transports.
  6. ninetylol
  7. almarti
    Only short time to test but first impression was yes, warmer and some little additional detail
  8. Bulbsofpassion
    Is anyone using Mojo plugged directly into a power amp? I'm thinking of replacing my Naim Nait (integrated amp) for a Naim NAP100 (power amp) since I figure that with Mojo I don't really need the preamp stage of the Nait.
    What I'm a little concerned about is the little 'pop' sound Mojo makes when you turn it on, obviously plugged straight into a power amp there's no way to turn this down, but how does this play out in reality? Speaker damaging?
  9. music4mhell
    i use it daily with Genelec Monitors and Sub from last 1 year.. yes pop sound is there in starting 1 second.. but rest everything is fine till now !
  10. music4mhell
    I was expecting that.. :) now i confirmed !

    I guess I should rephrase the question.

    For every 6dB reduction in volume I expect to lose one bit of information with pre-DAC volume control implementation. Is this true or not?

    The post leads me to another question, and as a disclaimer this is just 100% curiosity and not to be construed as criticism... Why carry around 51 bits if you have a 32-bit DAC implementation? Do you really need that much precision to get an answer accurate to 32-bits? Well, 20 or 21 really, since the remaining bits are lost to analog noise.
  12. psikey
    I nearly destroyed my Brain/Ears!!!!!
    Had Mojo since they came out, used with my trusty low impedance SE846's. Only normally have on the two dull Red volume balls.
    When in bed at night I find the balls too bright so do the two button press to DIM them.  Well last night I did the same but must have pressed to DIM them while it was still going through its start-up routine and set it in line out mode.
    Couldn't listen to music for hours after. Looks like no lasting damage to my ears/SE846's (not sure about the Brain) so be warned.................not nice at all !!
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  13. jarnopp

    Correct. One output stage and, in fact, the two outputs are wired together, so they are exactly the same.
  14. jarnopp

    Not being an engineer, I would not be able to answer that, but Rob might weigh in. In the 3rd post, he digital volume details are a little underrepresented :)
  15. RobinTim
    Same happened to me! Horrible experience. What exactly did I do wrong? Press both buttons during the starting process? What does line-out do exactly?

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