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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. warrior1975

    Perhaps, but even so, those people may not be part of head-fi. They could also be leaving it plugged in all the time as well, never testing the battery. It's really hard to determine whether or not it has a negative impact on the battery. I don't think there is conclusive proof either way tbh. Other than taking Chords word (not saying that's a bad thing).
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    I am only cautioning users from leaving any lithium battery device (including Mojo) plugged in constantly for months on end, 24/7. It's generally stressful for lithium batteries as they will remain at the upper end of a full charge (4.10V and up for a single cel, which is where Mojo resides when left plugged in and not used) most of the time (topping up). Lithium batteries like to be used and according to battery experts (and personal experience) they will degrade when always plugged in 24/7.

    Here is an excerpt from my previous link:

    Bold emphasis by me

    Now, the Mojo uses a Lithium Polymer battery and Chord has stated clearly that it was specifically designed for the Mojo for heat considerations and longevity so this caution may be a moot point. I'm only saying that it can't be harmful to unplug to reduce potential stress. Worth it IMO. That's it. Of course each user can make their own decision as to what they want to do.
  3. Ani1000
    What happens when the battery dies?
    Can you you still it when plugged in?
    How much does it cost to replace the battery?
  4. x RELIC x Contributor

    The Mojo can not run without the battery. You need to take it to an authorized Chord dealer for a battery replacement (or ship it in) is the statement from Chord. I believe the cost for battery replacement would be in the ballpark of the Hugo replacement at $60 (not a confirmed price for the Mojo).
  5. Aeromarine

    if you can do DIY hard wire the mojo power connector yes you can make it run without battery. Use a Voltage Regulator Circuit to Set the Output of the Power Supply to the Appropriate Voltage for mojo. (require soldering! and knowledge of electric current! mojo run high power!! danger!!)
  6. Dobrescu George
    Thou dangerous and a bit unpractical due to the implications - this should work well [​IMG] Unless there's a jumper connector or test that it runs on the battery or something. 

    Tho  it would feel like a frankestein being kept alive by tubes... 
  7. Aeromarine

    I was thinking doing that once I upgrade my desktop setup. will see in the future :) 
  8. Dobrescu George
    Please take pictures and add a horror FX to them! 

    That would be lovely!!! 
    EDIT:: Caption the whole thing "Keeping it alive!"
  9. Ani1000
    I wish Chord would make a Mojo that looks like a GeekOut V2, no battery inside, smaller , just needs to be plugged into a USB.
  10. jmills8
    why not use this ?


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  11. theveterans
    He would need to get an amp that can handle 3V input. IMO he should just get the Hugo TT or DAVE.
  12. jmills8
    Oo true.
  13. Aeromarine

    not anytime soon yet, but I will save this convo for later use for sure.
  14. Music Alchemist
    Which reminds me... Schiit Audio amps have no maximum input voltage spec and can handle it no problem. (I confirmed this with them.)
    And on the topic of size...here are the dimensions of Chord DACs.
    DAVE: 340mm (w) x 145mm (d) x 150mm (h)
    Hugo TT: 235mm (w) x 225mm (d) x 45mm (h)
    Hugo 2: 130mm (w) x 100mm (d) x 21mm (h)
    Hugo: 132mm (w) x 100mm (d) x 20mm (h)
    2Qute: 160mm (w) x 40mm (d) x 70mm (h)
    Mojo: 82mm (w) x 60mm (d) x 22mm (h)
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  15. zerolight
    How is everyone dealing with interference when running the Mojo in close proximity to their iphone? I get intermittent noise. I've tried different USB cables without any reduction. Was contemplating a short usb cable for a piggyback solution but now thinking I might want to stick with longer cable and different pockets.

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