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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. obsidyen

    What specs are we talking about? I never pay attention to them, only the sound (except for output impedance, I wouldn't want that to be more than 3 ohms).
    I can't speak for all headphones out there, but with Oppo PM-3 and Earsonics Velvet, I feel that bass is better in every way. It's more textured, tighter and it's got more presence and hits stronger. Bass extension is also better, I can hear/feel sub-bass more easily with Mojo. Still though, audition it if you can as audio can be a subjective passion.
  2. Duncan Moderator
    If it's all a bit Meghan Trainor, then I have to say that the QP1R goes lower, but it sounds flabby and slow in comparison.

    I overall prefer the sound of the Mojo, still can hit hard like a truck doing 90, but has delicacy and warmth at the same time :)
  3. jmills8
    But there are other portable amps that are as neutral as the mojo and some that are more neutral than the mojo. Also they have bass boost that boost the bass deeper and cleaner. Plus are smaller.
  4. Duncan Moderator
    Are we talking amps or DAC amps that have a smaller footprint?
  5. jmills8
    Both amp and dac or just an,amp.
  6. imattersuk
    Discovered a new issue. If you upgrade Onkyo HF player to the unlocked version then Tidal, Youtube, Lg Music app etc. will not work unless you disconnect the OTG cable the phone end. Removing from Mojo and plugging back in doesn't work, now this is a strange one.
  7. lukeap69
    That's basically if you give permission to the app e.g. Onkyo HF to use USB DAC. It happens also to UAPP and HibyMusic.

    My fix is usually restarting/rebooting the phone.
  8. obsidyen

    Maybe... I doubt that any other portable amp/dac can beat Mojo in terms of sound quality. Also, it doesn't change the fact that I prefer Mojo to Micro iDSD in every way. Micro iDSD bass boost doesn't boost the bass at all, by the way. I heard no discernible difference between on and off.
  9. jmills8
    The point is to enjoy so enjoy it.Try the Arrow.
  10. OK-Guy
    for your information, Chord have no control of what happens between the Dealer & Customer, any arrangements that you decide to make with the vendor are not Chord's responsibility... Chord fulfills orders placed by the Distributor who in turn supplies their Dealer network in the region they operate in. 
    btw... you don't get any special favours for being British, I treat everyone the same... call it my global view on equality, hth... [​IMG]
    no I responded to the spurious claims that Chord had 'production problems' which were completely unfounded, it had nothing to do with 'your' purchase or feelings... if you would of contacted me directly I would have asked you to take up your complaint regarding the Dealer with our North American Distributor, its how the lines of communication work when your business is a World-Wide enterprise.
  11. PhilW
    I concur, absolutely no production issues from Chord and believe me stock has flowed exceptionally well. As I type I have 5 units left of my last batch. Pretty sure that won't last long though.
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  12. audionewbi
    I just carried a quick amp test and my results are as follows:
    Portaphile 627x: Sadly this amp proves to be the worst offender. Mojo has out classed this amp by a large margin. 
    Meir Audio quickstep: This amp did not alter the sound but to me there is no point in pairing it with quickstep as Mojo alone offers far more volume than paired with quickstep.
    Wagnus Epsilon S: Expanded the soundstage which was nice but like the other amp the amp section is just nowhere as powerful as Mojo. I felt transparency also took a hit.
    Analg2paper TR-07hp: This was the best pairing of the lot. Like other amps the transparency took a hit but the added bonus was the bass had a nicer reverb. To my ears the bass become extended the the decay was a lot more natural. The mid-bass to my ears was reduced and sub-bass become a little more prominent. 
    Summary: Add an amp if you like to color the sound and play around with the tuning, I see no real value in adding amp. So far I dont have any amp that is as powerful as mojo. 
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  13. jmills8
    obvious that was your answer from the start.

    On 13 Oct 2015, at 09:43, I send this mail to chord about HUGO TT
    I think this mail give you information about PCM 0 and 1 could change in the application that you use to feed the Mojo.
    The HUGO TT can be used on Android without driver.
    On my Android smartphone, I use the Onkyo HF player application with my DAC.
    Does Chord propose an application with oversampling for android devices?
    What are your recommandations if not ?
    If I have to work with my application:
    Is it better to play 44.1 kz at 176.4 khz
    Is it better to play HD 24/96 at 192 kHz
    Is it better to use DSD format at 3 or 6  MHz.
    Or must I let the chord tt work with the slower format?
    Here are the Chord words.
    Hi Jean
    We don’t recommend over sampling unless using hardware (not software). 
    Kind Regards
    Tom Vaughan
    Pro-Audio & Manufacturing 

    So now i have a mojo and I use Onkyo HF player.
    I observe that "Onkyo HF player" does not work like when I use my Oppo HA-2.
    With the Oppo HA-2, i have to place the output volume of my galaxy S3 at the maximum to listen the music with the maximum of dynamic.
    With the Mojo, The level control on the android has no effect on the output level signal of the Mojo.
    So this confirms that the PCM 0 and 1 are affected by the application.
    More : the circuit of the digital/analogic converter in the player (PC,MAC, .....) could affect the linearity in the digital stream.
  15. mjdutton
    There were some comments about lithium polymer (LP) batteries on here a few days ago. The life of an LP is totally controlled/limited by the charging and monitoring electronics.  If done well you might get 5 years of life, but this will still be largely governed by the number and type charge/discharge cycles.  10 years is not (currently) possible.  I understand that the Mojo has a 1 year battery guarantee.  BTW I work for the larger LP manufacturer.
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