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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. jwbrent

    Yes, I've been a fan of the JVC woodies since the HA-FX500. :D
  2. DJtheAudiophile
    Any reviews of the mojo vs oopo ha-2 se?
  3. Mojo ideas
  4. Mojo ideas
    Having used supercaps or as they are now called ulracaps even the best types still in the labs are about ten times less dense in energy storage per unit weight or volume than chemical batteries the only present advantage they have is speed of charge and discharge that's why I used them as fast back up of the batteries in the Hugo TT at this job they are superb.
  5. Mojo ideas
    Can't say much but we are now taking huge orders from those selected few of our partners around the world that have to know a little earlier than everyone else. so they must be impressed. Not long to wait guys:gift:
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  6. Mojo ideas
    IMG_7424.jpg here's a little image of what we have been grappling with to bring you our next offering
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  7. music4mhell
    From image, i can guess that this module will be fully collapsed with Mojo like the Apple module, i.e. there will be 3 connectors on this module, those are 2 headphone out and one charging port. Let's see what else my mind can decipher :)
  8. Sound Eq
    maybe i should read more dan brown books to be able to decipher this :), where are you robert langdon when we need you???
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  9. Bengkia369

    Confirmed its DAP module for Mojo, great job!
    Will buy on the spot when this thing is out!
  10. Bengkia369

    Totally different league here, if you watch English soccer, one is Division A while the other is Division B.
  11. franzdom
    Oopo haha!!1
  12. rkt31
    some of the recent audiophile stuff played though mojo by me. sara k and chris jones live-stockfish records, doug macleod- there's a time by reference recordings, anne bisson - blue mind and  portraits & perfumes albums by fidelio records and camilio records, diana krall - all for you in 24 96 bu hd tracks. i would say this little magic called mojo can beat many much more expensive gear including some totl analog rig for realism . like all digital equipments mojo is also benefitted with some clean digital input. i feed mojo though fiio x3 2k by a short coaxial cable having few ferrite beads and i never really needed any expensive server/transport/ power conditioner etc this way. i think fiio being a dap and operated by battery helps in supplying a clean bit perfect digital output in a much more hassle free way. with pc using jitterbug with few ferrite chokes there is slight improvement in the form of more fluid sound as the timing comes by mojo, but still fiio route is much more hassle free and elegant solution imho. pc is used mostly used for watching movies though j river chord asio driver. 
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    True, but 12Wh/kg is a large leap forward for capacitors. Hopefully someday we can see it in small devices rather than just the intended larger scale applications like electric vehicles.

    Back on topic, I'm looking very much forward to the new module for the Mojo! :D
  14. Miksu

    Sent a question to Chord two weeks ago about technical problems - haven't got a reply yet.
  15. music4mhell
    very nice analogy :)

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