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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Bengkia369
    Mojo Mojo all da way!

  2. esm87
    Ive started listening at those colours. Is this a safe colour for IEM's?
  3. tangents

    Is that double yellow? That's pretty loud, isn't it? How many clicks from zero is that?
  4. Delayeed
    What I can barely listen at double yellows with the Ether C on quiet recordings like Diana Krall. Don't know about safe levels but that is very loud for sure.
  5. UNOE
    You guys should state lower tier or 2nd tier of colors. Cause there is at lease two double yellows. Also isn't ether c impedance 23. iem could easily be close to that.
  6. baritone
    About the  My Mojo I sent to Chord  for repair 2 months ago -intermediate update 
    I have received many mails from the most Important persons of Chord Electronincs (Ceo ,Marketing Manager)
    They are now working hard the solve my  problem ,I have now  great feelings enterally positives that all will be
    ok , thanks to all the Head-fiers here that help me ,I have confidence that Chord will do what will be necessary
    in order that  this situation never happen again
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  7. Delayeed
    Nope they are planars and need juice IEMs are not close. People who listen at double yellows with IEMs should consider checking their hearing (not trying to sound offensive)

    Also there is:
    [Yellow] Off (which looks a bit like double yellows)
    [Yellow] [Yellow] and lastly
    White [Yellow]
  8. betula

    I hope, I do not have to wait 2 months. I have been waiting for two weeks so far.
  9. GreenBow
  10. discord76
    I suspect it's still a few years away yet. The Express article tends to waffle on a bit and doesnt go into much detail.
  11. Bengkia369
    Simply sublime, Mojo DAC driven by Cypher Labs Trio portable tube amp.

  12. miketlse
    Thanks for providing this update.
    I am confident that Chord will be able to resolve your situation.
    A big thumbs up for @Mojo ideas and the rest of the Chord team.
  13. jwbrent

    JVC FX woodies use dynamic drivers and are not as sensitive as many other IEMs. I own a pair of FX1100s and on CD rips from music recorded during the pre +10dB era that began in the late 80s, double yellow is loud but not too loud at all, imo.
  14. AnnaMatronic
    Will Chord ever make a standalone DAP?
  15. RPB65

    There are a lot of folk on here waiting for the announcement at next years CES! We're all guessing what it could be with rumours of an SD card module being one. Either way, I'm thinking it would make the Mojo a DAP whatever gadget they make.

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