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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. warrior1975
    Naugrim is it really that much trouble hooking the Mojo up to your desktop setup? It's only 2 cables you need to plug in, no?
  2. Naugrim
    Getting it out of the bag, just setting it up is a process.  Disconnecting it from a stack.  Yeah, it's somewhat of a pain. 
  3. warrior1975
    For some odd reason I kinda enjoy the process. Guess I'm weird. Lol.

    Edit other than messing with the bands if I'm stackimg portable.
  4. Naugrim
    Ya, not sure why it bother's me. I'm not stacking yet with bands, but when I am I won't want to deal with it.  Wondering what the new Chord Mojo add-on is going to be though..so waiting to buy a DAP. 
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  5. Boerd
    In this case it doesn't make much sense: from the same USB I can charge a Dell XPS 12 without noise yet the Chord Mojo is noisy.
    I tried several chargers - the noise is about the same. The good thing is the noise disappears when I turn the Mojo on.
  6. UNOE

    Have you tried different cable as well?
  7. Boerd
    I tried 3 different cables - but now I realized they are all from the same manufacturer :frowning2: Tomorrow I will try another one (different manufacturer).
  8. rkt31
    you get the true colors of mojo when you remove last bit of emi rfi by using a good ferrite cable and jitterbug. this is in fact true for all dacs, yesterday i listened few old songs after so many years. the difference was enormous as compared to last i heard those songs. every note sounded distinct, every small details in voices were portrayed with utmost accuracy and realism. i use a flat sounding monitoring headphones still the sound signature remains very slightly warm as compared to hugo. imho mojo shines with flat sounding headphones , just like all transparent gear. 
  9. esm87
    hey bud, do you think there would be a perceptionable difference in sound going from mojo to phone to mojo with jitterbug and phone? What performance upgrade could I expect? Thanks
  10. krismusic Contributor
    I keep my "stack" in a small bag. Works a treat. Maybe a bum bag/ Fanny pack?

    Completely disagree with this! :wink: We are all different.
    To me the primary thing that Mojo communicates is emotion.
    If you are listening to dancing music. You will be wanting to dance. :)
  11. miketlse

    Have you read post #3?
    Charging noise (Click to hide)
    Originally Posted by Ra97oR [​IMG]

    Further testing on the charger and cable compatibility. Chosen Anker PowerPort 5 for good measured performance and multi-port charging with Anker PowerLine due to good construction with braid + foil shielding. All are available at a reasonable price.

    Case 1: Virtually silent, only heard very minor hiss when ear is pretty much on the unit
    Case 2: Only noticeable hiss when you put your ears near the unit
    Case 3: Loud whine lasting the only the first few seconds, faint charging noise after that.
    Case 4: Loud whine, and it goes on for a few seconds and off for a few (voltage drop causing charging circuit to shut down)

    Combo 1: Sony or Samsung charger + Sony or Samsung USB cable + extension cord = Case 4

    Combo 2: Sony or Samsung charger + Any cable = Case 3

    Combo 3: Apple 1A charger + Sony or Samsung USB cable = Case 2

    Combo 4: Anker charger + Sony or Samsung USB cable = Case 2, slightly quieter than combo 3

    Combo 5: Sony or Samsung charger + long 6ft Anker cable (same cable length as Combo 1) = Case 3

    Combo 6: Apple 1A charger + Anker cable/Chord Mojo's bundled cable = Case 1

    Combo 7: Anker charger + Anker cable/Chord Mojo's bundled cable = Case 1, slightly quieter than combo 6 directly compared, with no pattern to the noise (always the same loudness)

    Anker PowerPort is tested at it's worse case scenario(unloaded), the ripple and spike measurements are better when the charger is fully loaded with devices. The Anker charger have noticeable more steady noise pattern than the Apple charger even with the best cable connected, the Apple charger's noise ripples in loudness and the Anker one is very steady at the same amplitude.

    In short:

    If you already have a Apple charger handy, just getting a quality USB cable like the one I've tested will yield noticeable gain, especially if you are using longer cables.

    If you don't have an Apple charger, getting an Anker charger with their PowerLine cables will yield the best possible result without going to go with a lab bench linear power supply. Having a multiport desktop charager will also allow you to run shorter cables.

    Link where I bought them:
    Anker PowerPort 5: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00VTI8K9K
    Anker PowerLine: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014H3GKZ4


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  12. peterv2
    thats good! is there a release date for the solution?
  13. NaiveSound

    This is extra exiting! Is this perhaps an SD module?

    Plz feed us just 1 bone
  14. Light - Man
    Okay then - but only one [​IMG]
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  15. rkt31
    @esm87, jitterbug and ferrite both help in cleaning the emi rfi getting into the electronics via usb cable or coaxial cable. these tweaks will improve the sound to some extent in any dac. so no wonder mojo also benefits from it. background becomes blacker even the last bit of sibilance from vocals will be removed. having said that mojo even with cheap usb/ coaxial cable sounds lot more smooth than other dacs.

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