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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. miketlse
     I recommend doing that - not as a fanboy but as someone interested in the engineering used within everyones daps/dacs etc.
    By this i mean that there is an ongoing debate between those who argue that standard CD redbook quality audio is sufficient to supply all the audio information that the brain needs, and those who advocate spending a lot more money to download HiRes files.
    The discussions of Rob Watts highlight that maybe whilst the mathematical model that says that 44.1/16 music files contain all the necessary data, unfortunately the use of present off the shelf ASICs prevents music lovers gaining all the musical benefit.
    I suspect that the use of FPGA technology provides the step change that brings better music fidelity first to audiophiles, and then to the masses.
    Too many vitrolic arguments appear on forums everywhere, about the value of standard 44.1/16 files or HiRes alternaatives.
    In reality these people should be aware that there is a difference between the mathematical model describing music data transfer, and the physical implementation in ASICs or FPGA or whatever, resistor based DACs etc.
    They should be less debating the global need for HiRes, than debating the best physical implementations. 
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  2. miketlse
    The Mojo does not contain a traditional output amplifier, so from a pedantic viewpoint you cannot double amp.
    From a real world viewpoint, I am current listening to my Mojo, set to line-out (then a few presses of the volume -ve ball) feeding my hifi.
    Many other mojo users do the same, so just enjoy your music..[​IMG]
  3. warrior1975

    Damn bro, for real? You definitely need a listen. Your in Australia, correct?
  4. gikigill

    Using Onkyo and UAPP apps with a Note 7, HTC 10 and the Mojo and Geek Out V2+. Flawless performance by both.
  5. gikigill

    Hey Brooko, you can borrow mine. It's only a 3 hour flight away from Melbourne:grinning:
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  6. Brooko Contributor
    Kiwi - not Aussie.  Both from "down under" though
    Don't tempt me :)  I have a sister in Melbourne too.  I may hit you up in the New Year though - once I have my current review queue shortened.  maybe to swap some gear for a while (loaner) so I can review it.
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  7. gikigill

    You coming to Australia? Thats even better as it would reduce the hassle of posting a lithium batter back and forth.
  8. Brooko Contributor
    No plans yet - but will contact in early 2017 and see if we can arrange something :)
  9. trachery

    Yes I confirm, X7 does not have optical out..
  10. peterv2
    so i bought mojo, and use it now connecting to my laptop... great sound.
    but i was thinking if i go to gym or travel somewhere i might want to connect it to my mobile. i saw in the 3rd post that you need otg usb cable.
    what i'm wondering about is protection if you put this in your pocket....
    if you connect two devices (phone/mediaplayer and the chord) through usb on one end... end theres a headphone sticking out at the other end....  
    how do you put this in your pocket? is it not realistic to use this at the gym for example ? 
    the third posts talks has "Bands / Cases / Stacking methods, etc." but this doesnt really protect the usb and headphone connecters ? which seem most vulnerable to break ?
  11. jmills8
    I put these in my jean pockets and commute by foot and jump on buses 3 hrs a day. Slide it in slowly.

  12. peterv2
    it seems like it would break easily.. but not sure..
    if its the cable its not a big issue .. but the device would be a waste
  13. Mython Contributor
    It's not realistic to use a Ferrari on a 4x4 offroad course or in the desert, and I would suggest that any stack (regardless of whether or not it includes Mojo) is probably not the best choice of music playback whilst on a running machine, etc.
    However, for generally walking around town or sitting on public transport, one can use a stack, with care - many Head-fiers do that on a daily basis.
    Firstly, it can be helpful to look for headphone plugs that are right-angled (L-shaped), and the same thing for USB OTG cables, since they will be likely to exert less strain upon the microUSB sockets of Mojo and the smartphone, as leverage force is increased by greater plug length, for any given amount of force applied to the most-distant part of the plug from the socket.
    If you look just beneath the 'Bands / Cases / Stacking methods, etc.' section, in post #3, you'll see 'Official Chord Accessories for Mojo' > 'Chord Electronics CABLE ACCESSORY PACK for Mojo', which includes what is unofficially referred to as a 'basic' module, which helps to extend the length of Mojo, to make it more closely mimic the dimensions of a smartphone (and thus make it easier to use rubber bands to stack Mojo to the smartphone). I've posted an image, there, which illustrates that this module also 'swallows' the microUSB connector for Mojo, so it partially makes the cable more protected, although it will still protrude from the smartphone socket.
    here it is, again:
    If you are really concerned about this, then Chord Electronics are (barring any unforeseen circumstances) planning to release a nice module in the first half of next year, which may make life a lot easier for people using Mojo in their pocket.
  14. jmills8
    well its been like a year. 7 days a week. No issues.


  15. RobinTim
    I have got an older Sony Digital Audio/Video Control Center for my Home entertainment center. Would it increase (or maybe even decrease) the quality of the audio if I insert the chord mojo between my laptop and the Control Center when listening to music? Thanks for the help :)

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