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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. krismusic Contributor
    Lucky man. :) I'm using K10's with Mojo and am enjoying my music more than ever before. I can only imagine that the Encore builds on that very solid foundation.
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  2. Mojo ideas
    It can be good but it's tough too!
  3. oyster
    Spot on!!
    Use it as a dac and the shortcomings are even more apparent. Resolution falling apart, cloudy bass, flat dynamics to name a few. Timbre is still good though.
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  4. ClieOS Contributor
    I think words like 'roll-off' is probably not exactly the right word to use IMO. There is no roll-off on Mojo, nor is it on Hugo of course. There is however a difference in how acoustic energy / 'thickness' / 'density' is distributed in presentation. This means two devices can measure the same in FR curve for the same load, yet present different sound signature. Roll-off, to me, is more of a 2D description of an sound regarding its FR curve. Where acoustic energy / 'thickness' / 'density' is more 3D, like describing flat grounds that are composed of different materials - and walking on a flat rock and a flat dirt give different impression on the foot that goes beyond simply being flat. Now that - I do agree Mojo does have a bit of mid emphasis when compared to Hugo. However, I also think Hugo sounds too euphonic as well, often making music much grander than it ought to be. For that, I actually prefer Mojo to Hugo as I think at least Mojo is more accurate to my ears. I think somewhere between Hugo and Mojo would probably be my ideal sound.
    My $0.02.
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  5. jmills8
    You want the MoGo.
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  6. trachery

    Ah... yes, I did order a coaxial , not optical. Typo here. Thanks EagleWings.
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  7. NaiveSound
    I love mojo, and I appreciate its ability to tame down harsh hps/iems on the top end. Sibilance is not as harsh with mojo, while it doesn't sacrifice extention. It's just *softer* top end.

    Other days in the 200 to 700$ just can't do it like mojo. But they do have other little strengths
  8. rkt31
    @trachery, fiio x7 is one of the few relatively cheaper daps which have both optical and coaxial out. others are Ibasso dx80 ( still cheaper) and lotoo paw 500 . hifiman, onkyo, a&k , pioneer, teac too have daps with optical out but are even more expensive than mojo.
  9. EagleWings
    IIRC, Fiio X7 doesn't have optical out.
  10. simonm
    Can I just say there's a lot of crap in this thread lately but nobody should blame everyone in the community or discount a device because of certain overly-zealous positive or negative posters or posts that have zero real value when there are so many here that do. It happens everywhere on the internet and I've seen worse but maybe some extra moderation is called for to cull overly repetitive or basic questions covered in the 3rd post or off-topic discussions.

    For the record I love my mojo but I'd never say it's for everyone or it's a magical perfect device. I'd say it's for IEMs mainly which is fine as that was communicated fairly early on. I've been meaning to write a review for ages but well, maybe soon. Let me just say a couple of things though. Does it solve the problem of poor quality mobile phone audio which is its main purpose? Yes! Is it a good build quality that I like and trust? Yes. Is it fun and cool? I think so. Is it good value? Probably. As I'm not an expert of everything on the market I can't really say but I was drawn to this for quite a few reasons I haven't really described and I haven't been disappointed.

    Anyway. I have something else I want to ask of the community if they'd be so kind! Details to come:
  11. daberti

    I'm glad you followed my advice :)
  12. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]
    I've just had to delete almost 3 pages of posts which are off topic, or which add nothing to the thread.  There will be people who like the Mojo, people who prefer something else - and it is Ok to discuss this.  It is not OK to attack someone because of their opinion.  Debate the point - don't make it personal.
    And to all of those who leap to one side or the other's defence - DON'T.  Please don't.
    If there is something which you think breaks the forum rules - flag it, and a Moderator will get to it.  Don't play vigilante and add to the problem.

    John - I think ClieOS has made a valid comment.  If in your view it is incorrect - perhaps you could explain your reasons why it is incorrect.  It would seem an ideal opportunity for us all to benefit from your experience (from an engineering standpoint) on why some DAC/amps do sound different when they are measurably flat.  I know from a reviewers angle that better understanding of the why would help me a lot.  I haven't heard any of your products - but the topic intrigues me (if you have the time it would be appreciated).
    Eg why do I perceive one DAC/amp as warm, and another as drier or brighter - when both have flat frequency response?
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    Brooko, Paul, many of the reasons why Rob finds DACs to be warm, or bright, can be found in the third post of this thread under the category 'Informative Posts by Rob Watts'. Mython has done a fantastic job of gathering this information as many, many users have had the same questions throughout this thread. There is a lot of information there that answers your question, but it seems to be down to many different things - from substrate noise, RF noise, noise floor modulation, the filter, the timing accuracy, the output stage, etc.. At the risk of being a parrot I would recommend you read that section. I'm only posting this as an attempt to guide you to the answers that Rob has already shared. From there I encourage you to further ask questions and come to your own conclusions if you do get to hear the Mojo, or any of Chord's other DACs. Cheers.

    Here is a small portion that explains some of the reasons for bright or dark sound, aside from frequency response (this part answers a lot of the recent smoothness debate as well):


    Edit: And here is a summary of Rob's posts, posted by romaz in the DAVE thread, which also has a lot of information pertaining to your question:


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  14. Brooko Contributor
    Thanks Craig - guess I gotta see if I can borrow a Mojo at some stage so I can hear this for myself ....
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    Knowing your preferences I would guess it may take a little time for you to get used to it. There is a lot of attention from Rob paid to small issues that seem to be taken for granted in the industry in general. I find it fascinating that there can be so many influences to the sound signature, aside from FR.

    if you weren't across the globe I'd lend you mine. :)


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