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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. jmills8
    The Mind is so powerful.
  2. nmatheis Contributor

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  3. jmills8
    Tim and Eric for Presidents 2020.
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    I'm ready for that!
  5. nmatheis Contributor
    And Mojo + Nighthawks are a fantastic combo. I've been enjoying them immensely!
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  6. theveterans
    Zero issues with latest update from MS in my tablet.
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  7. Naugrim
    So, going to sell my Bifrost/Asgard 2 and get a MJOLNIR 2 and then use my Mojo as my dac until I can afford another. Any thoughts?
  8. maxh22
    Just got the LG V20. Can anyone recommend some good Type-C to Microusb cables?
  9. miketlse
    Check the Shanling M1 thread, plus @Mython updated post #3 with one yesterday.
  10. DJ The Rocket

    Thanks Mike, i really appreciate your answer, it certainly has the ring of truth.(kind of like the HD800's "ring driver of truth" :wink:

    On another forum I heard the Mojo described as having "limpdick" bass, and the in-your-face poignancy of the description stuck with me. Though I agreed when I read it, it SEEMS less and less true over time. I used to prefer bassy headphones with Mojo, but recently flatter pairs have been adequately satisfying. I used to prefer the GOV2+ balanced out to Mojo because of its bass; today I can HEAR the Mojo has a much better signal, in clarity, detail, dynamics, etc. I still want a stronger low end for my EDM, but it isn't like I can't achieve the sound I'm looking for simply by slipping on some bassier cans. The world has enough of those I'm sure.

    It's so hard to believe that my PERCEPTION of the sound is changing so drastically, and not the sound itself; I have a bachelor's in Psych though, so I've seen the overwhelming data. If it wasn't for that background preparing me to see beyond my own biases, I really don't know if I'd be able to buy it.

    Damnit now I have to question the instances where I'm convinced I heard an IEM's sound changing over time all over again!
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  11. music4mhell
    How many here have paired up an external headphone amp (portable/desktop) to Mojo ?
  12. gikigill

    Monoprice cable for connecting the Mojo to USB-C phones. Works with my HTC 10, can't guarantee other phones.
  13. doraymon
    Me, Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2.0.
  14. music4mhell
    I have connected to VE RA2, and personally i feel the soundstage has widen up, instrumentation separation is better and also a better controlled bass.. but it's early impressions.. i am just trying to check what's others impressions...
    What's your impressions ?
  15. pete321
    My mojo used to randomly click because I had it set to direct sound instead of asio output, so I set it to asio in both winamp and foobar and it sounds good and no more clicking but when I try to skip forward or backward in a song there is like a 1 second pause before it resumes, is this normal? Not that huge a deal but slightly annoying because I skim a lot, any settings I can try?
    edit: sorry didn't see the mojo issues thread until after, can delete this if it's not the place for it.

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