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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. RPB65

    No way Naugrim. I am a champion procrastinator so never got round to customs when I could have had K10's for £1400. Customs is the way to go if you can afford / get on with them. I mean, Noble customs? Who would say no? :wink:
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    If your audiologist took good impressions then you can't beat the fit and seal of a custom IEM. If you are one to buy and sell often then you can't beat a universal pair.

    FYI, if the Encore is anything like the original K10 in sensitivity you'll barely be using the Mojo's volume beyond 12-15 clicks from zero for an average listening level of 80-85 dB. They're quite sensitive.
  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    I don't want to intrude, but I'd caution you to lower your volume if you like your hearing. That's entirely too loud for long term listening.
  4. RPB65
    How the hell? That is well loud. I don't even get to Red Red with SE425's or my Encore Universals. Wow. You not got tinnitus yet?
  5. Deftone
    I can understand people looking at little mojo and thinking there's no way that thing could compete with huge desktop DACs and amps, we have been conditioned in a way that more components and larger chassis = better but obviously that's not the case in this day and age. When I compared mojo with the wyred 4 sound dac2 (very large unit, almost the same size as my mini itx PC) mojo wiped the floor with it. And this is why it has replaced many peoples full size systems. The sheer sound quality out of this tiny unit is mind blowing. Enjoy your Mojo's everyone! :)
  6. miketlse
    Sadly all I can give you is my wish list of sorts.
    The weak link for me is my own in-ears, which are Shure 100s (I think but I bought them approx 10 years ago), which I would like to replace.
    I am tempted by the AK T8ie Mk 2, but they are expensive, and hard to find new in europe (from non-dodgy ebay sellers).
    Also tempting are the Shure SE846, but again they are expensive.
    Some members post on this thread that the Earsonics velvets work well with Mojo, especially if you like music with more bass - and they were on BF offer a couple of days ago.
    That does mean that there are many very good iems, not on my list.
  7. GreenBow
    Thanks. I am not so well right now, and in a daze. Stuff going straight over my head.
    The mistake I make is after using the Mojo for headphones when on my desk is similar. Next time I boot up Mojo, I usually set to line level for speakers, forgetting my headphones are still plugged in. Start music and am potentially damaging my headphones. The seem to be able to handle 3V and then turned down to 2V. However it's ear-splitting loud if I catch a listen to see how loud they are being pushed.
  8. miketlse
    hope that you are back to normal soon - we are living through some interesting times, what with black friday, cyber monday, and then the next chord announcements at CES.
    GreenBow likes this.
  9. esm87
    lol... I said I listen pretty loud! Seriously though, red/red is probably medium to quiet, on my IEM's i get to green/green on average (vibro labs Aria).

    At low levels it doesnt sound all that great, its probably louder than alot of people use, dunno, just how I listen, I dont get no pain, music is clean and clear, I dont venture beyond though... maybe im blissfully going deaf haha
  10. Deftone
    So what's everyone guessing chord will announce at CES for mojo? I don't think it will be the simple sd card module we imagined I'm thinking more along a dap style ad on.
  11. miketlse
          i suspect that there will be several exciting elements mentioned.
  12. tangents
    Anyone expecting a Mojo v2? Perhaps with a tweaked form-factor (more dap-like)?
    Is there a Mojo volume colour chart? Was surprised there wasn't one in the PDF manual.
  13. Deftone
    Way too soon for a mojo v2
  14. miketlse
    read post #3
    tangents likes this.
  15. NaiveSound

    I sure hope so....

    An SD module would be great as I suspect synergy would be stellar!

    I just wonder if it will have a screen, or will it be a *shuffle*-like interface?

    I sure with MojoIdeas would feed us just 1 bone and give us 1 major hint.

    Until then I've given up on finding a good transport, I just use my phone and UAPP.

    Now... I sure would love if this SD module would also allow some sort of streaming? Or at the very least allow me to connect my phone to the SD module and stream from any app while the r SD module would transform the streaming into Bitperfect

    Uhhhhhh.... Plz.... Plz...

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