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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. leaky74

    Yup, mine spends 90% of its time plugged in on my bedside table.
  2. betula

    That is what I meant, thanks for correcting.
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  3. Bengkia369
    How come some cheesy China retailers claimed that Mojo with Barcode is the version 2 with higher capacity batteries?!
    I think Chord need to find out which of such dishonest Chinese retailers misleading their customers and ban them from selling Chord products.
  4. miketlse
    I don't use my mojo everyday, but when I do, I put it on charge overnight whilst i am asleep - I still find it difficult to understand why some posters find doing that is so inconvenient.
    These days my mojo is used virtually exclusively in desktop mode, using an optical input from my computer. I either listen through headphones, or use line-out to my hifi.
    I think there have been some posts, mentioning that the main factor reducing battery life, is the impedance of the headphones and not the listening level - I think the posts said that higher impedance headphones use less power, but I am sure @Mython or @x RELIC x probably know the correct answer. 
  5. musickid
    in desktop mode can i leave mojo constantly plugged in to charger that is on and also connected to computer. this way it will always be charged and ready to go. maybe switch it off when not in use. and when used and plugged in the end charge level will be the same as when i start listening. ie simulating a power mains amp/dac.
  6. willowbrook
    Yes you can. Initially, turn your mojo on and then plug your charger. You can leave it in 24/7 after that. I've tested myself that when you turn it on the next day, the white light will not come on, but it will stay blue for hours = keeps it charged 100%.
  7. Mython Contributor
    Please read the section 'Battery & Charging', in post #3
    Ideally, please charge Mojo fully before connecting it to the computer, if you can. The reason is explained in the section in post #3.
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    This is a common misconception. Lower impedance headphones actually draw more power (Current) draining the battery faster, and higher impedance headphones use less Current but need more Voltage to get to listening levels.

    Think of a water hose on full blast with no or little resistance, the water freely shoots out the end but may not shoot far. This will drain the water reservoir (battery) quicker. That's a low resistance headphone and current. Now pinch off the end of the hose with your thumb and you are actually using less water (current), but have a stronger flow (Voltage) with the higher resistance, and will drain the reservoir slower. This is the simplest way to relate how it works.
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  9. miketlse
    You will be ok, but check post #3. I think there is a post listed, with the oft repeated 'best practice' advice from Chord. This is to first fully charge the mojo battery, then when you later listen/charge at the same time, the charging circuits on trickle charge will only consume about 100 mW of power, instead of the 900mW of power consumed when charging at the maximum rate. This has a big impact on how hot the mojo gets - trickle charge ensures no problems with the thermal protection shutdown switching the mojo off. 
  10. miketlse
    My memory failed me on that topic - thanks for providing the correct advice. [​IMG]
  11. TheTrace
    What headphones synergize best with the Mojo? I've seen mixed impressions of the HD650 so not sure where that stands. I may be looking into the HD6xx, Nighthawks, B&O H6 or Hifiman 400i.

    Due to being in college again I need to be fiscally responsible again so no purchases anytime soon, hanging on to my V-moda XS for now.

    Thanks in advance.
  12. musickid
    should i be overly worried about charging hifi gear. till now ive had the comfort of mains operated dacs/amps. the sound quality vs price of the mojo is what really attracts me.
  13. rkt31
    mojo 's charge will depend upon the power drawn by the headphones for the same listening levels. high sensitivity headphones will provide good listening levels even with less power. headphones with low sensitivity and low impedance would draw the highest power affecting reducing the playing time. it's like connecting 8ohm speakers directly to mojo, for good listening levels you would require high output of mojo and low impedance of 8 ohm would draw more current too depleting the battery faster. having said that I actually connected single driver 8ohm speakers to mojo and played at light blue level and mojo happily obliged for about more than two hours and mojo's power indicator stayed green.
  14. musickid
    OPPO PM1 which i hope to pair with mojo are described as high sensitivity planars with 32ohm impedence. these fit into the easy to drive category for mojo?? how many hours roughly would you get in real terms driving the pm1 from a full battery at high volume?
    also would the following routine sort out all charging issues taking into account 95% of time will be desktop home use. 
    1) initial long charge
    2) start listening on full battery. before it hits red indicator plug into usb port imac. so now listening while charging.
    3) at end of session switch off mojo but leave constantly plugged in to 'on' charger. (for eg if youre out by day you need not worry about switching charger off. ive read this is ok.)
    4)when you want to listen again mojo is fully charged ready to go and you repeat the cycle described here. very simples i hope.
  15. esm87
    hi, I have a pair of V moda cross fade wireless rated at 30 ohm i believe, out of mojo I would say its 7/8 hours?? I listen what I think would be considered loud... green/green to light blue/light blue.

    Hope this helps mate

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