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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Bengkia369

    Seriously?! I really don't think so. I used to have a P1 and also the Mojo, Mojo is way above the sound quality of what the P1 can deliver. Even my AK240 had no match to Mojo's clarity, depth and transparency.
  2. AndrewH13

    You listened to QP1R? It's the only DAP I enjoy at a similar level to Mojo and Hugo.
  3. jwbrent
    I received my Mojo today and it is charging up right now. I do have one question that I don't believe is covered by this thread's FAQ: I noticed the balls spin freely in its sockets, to the point where there is some rattling if I shake the Mojo. Is this normal?
    I owned a Hugo and the ball used for volume was really tight, so that is why I'm asking.
    Love the coupon for a free DXD or DSD download ... nice!
  4. Delayeed
    Yes its normal. Have fun with it :)
    jwbrent likes this.
  5. jmills8
    Its not normal to be shaking the Mojo inorder to see its balls go round and round.
  6. Bengkia369
    Who here love to rub the balls on your Mojo when you too free & nothing better to do?! :smiling_imp:
  7. GreenBow
    Please not this again?
  8. warrior1975

    I have to respectfully disagree. They sound different, but I think the P1 is an excellent performer, and I prefer it over the ak240, by far.
  9. NaiveSound

    I don't know if that means expensive or under 150$
  10. warrior1975
    I can't imagine it being too pricey as the Mojo is a bargain. But hey, you never know, the case is pretty expensive... This whatever it will be, could be pricey as well.
  11. jarnopp

    Realistically speaking, any flavor of DAP with SD card, screen or app-based control (which would need Bluetooth or wifi) and potentially streaming capabilities is going to be at least $299, maybe up to the price of Mojo even.

    Just don't want to see a great product with a ton of complaints about price. Mojo is practically priceless already, so lets recognize what is being delivered (when it is actually delivered).
    Peter Hyatt likes this.
  12. doggiemom

    I got a good deal on the case, but was bummed when I received the cable pack to find that the adapter module will not work with the case on.  [​IMG]  That defeats the purpose for me, as the only time I would require a case would be when I'm using the Mojo at work with a phone as the source.
    Light - Man likes this.
  13. howdy
    What deal did you get on the case?
  14. warrior1975

    That's disappointing, to say the least.
  15. Mython Contributor
    I'm sorry you are disappointed by the standard case not accommodating the add-on module; it definitely isn't Chord's intention to mislead anyone into believing that the standard case will accommodate the module.
    The official Chord case for Mojo was actually released some time before the cable accessory pack became available, and Chord themselves have never officially bundled the 2 products, to my knowledge.
    As mentioned in the Accessories section of post #3, a suitable case will be made available, for add-on module users, in the near future.
    This is also relevant:

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