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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Mython Contributor
    I've edited my previous reply to you (which I've reflected, in the quoted text you see below this sentence) , so please refer to that (I was editing it, and updating posts #2 and #3, whilst you were posting your reply, so, sorry, I was unaware)
    I think that would depend on what charge state Mojo is in to begin with. If Mojo was already fully-charged, then yes, provided I am understanding your meaning correctly.
    Lithium batteries are rather contentious, in terms of how people say they should be used, but not all lithium batteries use the same chemistry (other than the lithium component), so not all lithium batteries necessarily behave in the same way, or need to be used in the same way.
    Personally, I would have no concerns about using Mojo plugged-in, whilst in a fully-charged state, on a regular basis.
    Also see the sub-heading 'Is it alright to leave Mojo plugged in, 24-7?', in the 'Battery & Charging' section, near the bottom of post #3
  2. Okkultus
    Can anyone tell me what is the frequency response/range of the Mojo? Thanks.
  3. Mython Contributor
    Please look near the top of post #3, in the section entitled 'Device Performance Measurements', and you will find links for independent measurements.
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  4. willowbrook
    Thanks. I turned my mojo off while in full charge state and the white light disappeared, but I am guessing mojo is still drawing a little bit of current to keep it fully charged. I will turn it on tomorrow and see if it will start charging. If not, I'll just have to replug it everytime I guess.
  5. Skyyyeman

    ​"Is that a Mojo in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"
    -- A friendly woman
  6. Hellvis
    "I have Mojo in my pocket".
  7. Light - Man
    You Guys are going to get us all into trouble - with our wife's! [​IMG]
  8. Mython Contributor
    By coincidence, this thread was posted last night [​IMG]
  9. GreenBow
    I am confused by one aspect of the whole Mojo battery charging thing, and I have read all the posts.
    What confuses me is that there is only one set of wires connecting the battery to the Mojo circuit board. (Or only one set that I have seen.) I think that must mean something no-one has mentioned that when the Mojo is plugged in and playing at the same time. At some points in time the Mojo must be taking power to play music straight from the charger.
    Meaning when the battery level drops a little and the charger is engaged. The charger is supplying more power than the battery is supplying to the Mojo. To make sure the Mojo keeps playing and tops up the battery.
    However I keep reading that the Mojo only takes power from the battery. How can that be right? I can't imagine how the charger is supplying power to the battery going up the battery cable. While at the same time power is coming down the charger cable to run the Mojo.
    I guess I must be seeing this all wrong. I have tried to imagine it with diodes in place but still can't figure it out.
    Maybe I just don't understand the battery. 
  10. Mython Contributor
    Did you see what I posted, earlier (on this same page), from Rob?:
  11. GreenBow
    Yes of course @Mython. However it doesn't describe what state the Mojo is in does it? Playing, off, on but not playing.
    He is talking about when there is no net charge on the battery. I am talking about when the battery level has dropped and when it needs a bit of charge. (While charging and playing, from a full battery.)
    To be honest though I have probably over looked a simple principle of electronics and should know better.
  12. Mython Contributor
    I can see what you mean.       Rather than speculate, I will let Rob answer your query, when he has time, but that probably won't be today, as he has his hands full, at the moment.
  13. warrior1975

    There are lots of great daps out now. My current favorite is the Cowon P1. You can find then for $699 now and it's my favorite player. Has plenty of power, excellent sound, eq, dsp, etc. I think the sound is comparable with the Mojo.
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  14. Light - Man
    Now you have us all intrigued as to what he may have in his hands today? [​IMG]
    The other speculation however is now over - as I confidently predict that power is consumed when the unit is on whether it is playing or not but it will automatically detects when the battery needs to be charged again, including when it is switched off. (but having said it confidentially, I may be wrong[​IMG])
  15. Mython Contributor
    Nothing exciting.    Exceedingly mundane, actually.   Think no more of it.
    Anyway, I'm glad you've drawn a conclusion [​IMG]

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