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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. warrior1975
    antz123 I'd say it depends on your situation. If you are going to be strictly portable, you may want to reconsider the Mojo. I for one, don't care much for carrying a stack around, so having an excellent dap really makes life easier. I have a Cowon P1, which I absolutely love. If you aren't concerned with a stack, then I agree with grumpy, forego getting a nice dap and use the Mojo with a source that has a good UI and you are fine.

    It sounds all well and good to use the Mojo in the go, just really think about carrying a stack around. Sometimes I find it annoying. Not that it's heavy, but it's thick and a pain in the rectum at times. If you are mostly at home, then it's a moot point.
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  2. Mython Contributor
    I suspect you may be carrying your Mojo stack in the wrong place...
  3. Hellvis
    LOL.....that made my day.
  4. hifuguy
    Hi Guys... I'm looking for your experiences and prevailing wisdom for making a Mojo a remotely-located Roon-capable endpoint. So here's what's on my mind. We know from Rob and our experience that the Mojo is quite good at protecting SQ from jitter. Yet, I think it fair to say it isn't immune to it either. Also, we know that the Mojo likes being fed optically, as it eliminates a source of RF modulation. So, specifically in the context of using a Mojo, what is the smart move when balancing sound quality versus cost, in the following scenarios. Or are the rave reviews everywhere for the MicroRendu simply a dominating reality (even with the Mojo), nothing else is really even close, so just start saving mass quantities of money?
    One - Sonore SonicOrbiter SE - Feeding Mojo Optically
    Two - Sonore SonicOrbiter SE - Feeding Mojo via USB
    Three - Sonore MicroRendu - Feeding via USB
    Four - HifiBerry with Raspberry Pi - Feeding Optically
    Five - HifiBerry with Raspberry Pi - Feeding Coax S/Pdif
  5. RPB65

    I was wondering how he changes the tracks and volume! 
  6. xtr4

    Bowel movements
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  7. miketlse

    He has to press his balls.
  8. Mython Contributor
    Oh no, shhh, or someone may have a bright idea and design a 3rd-party 'special-interest' module for very 'niche' purposes.
    Anyway, MOVING ON...!
    Who's cancelling Christmas so they have cash to buy an SD module in the new year? [​IMG]   (I have a feeling this option may be more popular for singletons)
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  9. warrior1975
    Mython LMAO. Well done sir. Out of thanks for the day, but tomorrow I'm coming back to thank you.
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  10. god-bluff
    Sounds a cracking idea:yum:

    Anyone like to make an educated guess as to how much the SD module might cost.

    I hope no more than £150. Is that realistic?
  11. miketlse

    Christmas will still go ahead - my M1 is in the post, and so the SD module will have to wait, until it appears on sale (remember it has been talked about for a year, so I will believe it when I see it).

    In the interim for Christmas, maybe DAVE is a step too far this year, but maybe something beginning with H instead.
    The trouble once I start down that route, is that I shall want better headphones, and a power amp......
  12. Mython Contributor
    That's a legitimate comment, but I can assure you, now, that the SD module is not vapourware.   Much work has been going on at Chord HQ during 2016.
  13. miketlse

    I am not doubting that a lot of work has been done.
    Unfortunately I was hoping that the module would appear last Easter, when it would have been useful on my commute.

    Every time that JF or RW has started discussing the 'module', the vision has changed yet again. It started as a simple SD card holder, then a screen got added into the design, and now JF is talking about a mystery device, with amazing , but undefined, functionality.
    To anyone experienced in product development, this sounds like a classic case of 'requirements creep', where the product requirements get constantly updated, leading to continual rework of the product design. Inevitably the product release date keeps slipping to the right.

    I am eagerly awaiting the announcements at CES, but I need something to look forward to at Christmas. :D
  14. Jmask5
    Anyone use this withe Denon headphones? Good? Bad? Specifically D7000
  15. Hansotek

    I use the Mojo with my modded D2000 and the sound is excellent.

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