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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. SearchOfSub

    Fair enough. But please do consider removing the strings of flowery stars and hearts by the product name.
  2. Mython Contributor
    Can you confirm exactly which Sony cable you are using, please?
  3. Mython Contributor
    LOL - those who have followed this thread from the very beginning know that those were only introduced out of exasperation at almost no one ever reading what the thread title was asking them to do..... 'please READ post #3'
    They're not there out of a misguided attempt to look cool. They're just intended to draw attention where it too seldom seems to be drawn.
  4. Hellvis
    I'm using the WMC-NW20MU, and the OTC cable is a no name.
  5. Mython Contributor
    Broadly-speaking, most people get around 7-8 hrs from a fully-charged Mojo, but it varies depending on, for example, what resistive load your IEMs/CIEMs/Headphones present to Mojos output stage, what volume level you choose to drive them at (some people listen at worryingly high SPL), and also (to a small degree) what digital protocol you are using:
    Also, please consider the following possibility, which may or may not apply to your situation:
    Some people do not fully-charge their Mojo before using it with a laptop. This can sometimes mean that Mojo may not be charging fully, if the user is expecting it to charge whilst in-use, connected to the laptop, as there is a net power drain on the battery.
    Rob neatly summarised that it depends upon whether USB is used, and load and output level... So low load, opt/coax is 8 hours, USB low load 7 hours, but if heavily loaded then you could lose another hour. Low load would be -20dB FS into 300 ohms, 3v preset volume. Another complication is making sure it is fully charged before use.
    There is a fair bit of information (including the above), at the bottom of post #3, within the section on 'Battery & Charging'
  6. Mython Contributor
    Then that is very, very likely to be your problem - you are not using a Sony WMC-NWH10 cable
    This is why I was so explicit in my post, earlier today:
  7. Hellvis
    In the middle of this discussion I ordered the Mojo cable pack...but if I'm understanding you, I'm still going to need this NWH10 cable, correct?
  8. Mython Contributor
    I had flawless connectivity from a ZX1, to Hugo, using a Sony WMC-NWH10 cable, and you should, too, if you get that cable to connect your ZX100 to Mojo:
    I should also add that the exact same DAP and WMC-NWH10 cable were successfully used on Chord Electronics' own exhibition stand, around the world, for several months.
    The Sony WMC-NWH10 cable is definitely what you need - please trust me on that. Just order one and start enjoying your music with Mojo! [​IMG]
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  9. SearchOfSub

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  10. Mython Contributor
    Chord Electronics are unable to supply any cables with proprietary decryption chips - which means Sony or Apple.
    Therefore, yes, you will still need to purchase an NWH10 cable. This isn't Chord's fault - if Sony and Apple didn't try to exert so much control, by encrypting their digital connection protocols, millions of customers wouldn't have to buy their special decryption cables (Sony NWH10 or Apple CCK)
  11. GreenBow
    Have you or anyone managed to work out if you can get bit-perfect file playback on Sony DAPs, please?
  12. GreenBow
    I read you changed the thread title, and why for mobile users. I was thinking though, I have often heard people refer to The Official Mojo Thread, on other websites. They may google for it and not be able to find it now.
    Anyway whatever. I like post #3. (I find stuff there that I need to know. Thank you.) 
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  13. navydragon

    I assume it is bit perfect, as all audio enhancements and volume control in device is disabled when connected. And the light corresponds to the sampling rate accordingly.




    Sent from my LG-H961N using Tapatalk
  14. SearchOfSub

    Exclamation mark would do a better job. Props for managing to find a bolded star and an empty one, though.
  15. grrraymond
    Morning gents. I've recently got back in the game and ordered a Mojo and HD-650 in the hope of finding a very straightforward endgame setup for me. I used to have a BH Crack with all the trimmings and the Senns sounded immense through that. I was prepared for a downgrade but given it's been a few years since I've listened to a quality setup, I did expect more than what I've got.

    In short, I find that the Senns sound almost identical direct from my laptop/Samsung S7 as they do via the Mojo. I've searched for comments about the pairing but I've seen very little. Have I opted for a poor pairing here? To my ears, the difference is negligible, equivalent to confirmation bias, and the sound is quite thin and recessed, whereas through my cheapo IEMs, the difference is night and day, and arguably sounds better.

    Have I messed up with the choice of headphones? Thanks.

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