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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. discord76
    Does anybody feed their Mojo from a Chromecast Audio? If so what cable do I need - it's optical, right?
  2. jwbrent

    Nice price ... please let us know how you like it.
  3. gmv698
    Hello how is the pairing of hifiman he400i vs senn hd650 to the mojo? Kinda torn between the two TIA :flushed::blush::blush:
  4. canali
    might sell my iFi micro iDSD to a buddy...and use the mojo both as a headphone amp
    as well as a preamp/dac to my MAD earplus tube headphone amp....
    has anyone also doing such (using it as preamp/dac)?
  5. jwbrent
  6. Hellvis
    Where did you get that cable?
  7. Hellvis
    Where did you find that cable?
  8. Hellvis
    Also, do I need to change any settings on my Walkman to get sound to the Mojo? 
  9. Mython Contributor
    No; Sony DAPs connect very quickly and reliably to Mojo (I used a ZX1 for over a week, with Chord Hugo; Mojo's bigger brother).
    Simply connect the DAP to Mojo and Mojo should immediately begin playing music.
    (always remember to check that Mojos volume is low, BEFORE connecting to the DAP, so that you don't risk damaging your headphones or your ears with accidental loud noises/music)
  10. RPB65

    @Mython All looks good on my iPhone 6S+ screen. :)
  11. xtr4

    Did you turn on the Mojo? Legit question because the Mojo is powered down in your pic
  12. Mython Contributor
    Thankyou. Good to know.
    I've also just added some annotated screengrabs with narrative, for how to set-up Tidal within UAPP, so Tidal can run bit-perfectly.
    Thankyou to maxh22 for providing the raw screengrabs  [​IMG]
    xtr4 and maxh22 like this.
  13. Mython Contributor
    That's a good point, actually.
    When I was using a ZX1 with Hugo, I simply switched Mojo on and switched the ZX1 on, and then connected them together. Worked flawlessly, every time, within less than 1 second.
  14. Hellvis
    Thanks for the feedback. Mojo was powered on, I tried all the settings I could think of on the Walkman (tried it with another Walkman as well). I got the Mojo working with my PC. I'm thinking it's just a bad OTG cable at this point, again, unless I'm missing some kind of setting on the Walkman.
  15. turbo87
    So what kind of battery usage are the new owners seeing? I got my Mojo last Wednesday from Amazon.De and had to charge the battery overnight for the full charge. Played Tidal High (320k) over the next couple of days from my mac laptop. Battery seem to last only about 5 hours before the flashing red light came on. Nowhere near the 10 hours promised by Chord. Will try couple of more charges to see what I get. Btw: volume was set to red/red.  

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