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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. bixby

    how do you think that digital data is represented electronically?  And what else could come out of that transport to the dac?
    after you ponder, you will understand what you may hear with different transports. 
    You may wish to review the youtube interview with Mojos designer for one take on it, I believe it may be referenced on post #................well you know what post in this thread to reference, right? [​IMG] 

    I'm still skeptical... Have you tried blind testing?

    From the DAC perspective, a digital value is a digital value. Your suggestions do not have an appreciable effect on data transmission unless your device is riddled with damaged solder joints and rust causing an extremely, extremely high BER. But your experience would be the exception not the rule. I can't think of a single engineering principle that would support the notion proposed by the first individual, save some DSP on one DAP that is not present on the other.

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    With a square waves. I'm fully aware of signal integrity issues that could result in bit flips... But random bit errors cannot explain such specific changes to the sound being described here.

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  4. bixby

    Watch the video, read some TI papers on USB audio, visit and read white papers on USB.org and understand the challenges in USB digital audio and don't worry about bit errors, the data getting there in one piece is the easy part.

    Why is everyone speaking in riddles? You seem to have concrete facts to support this notion, why not just present them? Why send the person asking the question on a scavenger hunt?

    If the DAC values are getting to the DAC correctly, then there is no difference in the DAC output.

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  6. EagleWings
    I did not try blind testing. But I would dare not mention anything on a forum that I wasn't sure about. It was not a difference in tonality, but an improvement in technical abilities. Cleaner sound than the X3ii with better transparency.
    Like I said, I do not have the technical capacity to answer what is causing the difference. 
    As for the rule and exception, check out these posts:
  7. jmills8
    You had a QUESTION, am I correct?
  8. SearchOfSub

    It would sound different based on psu, parts used in the transport hardware side.


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    Yes, it was if you would be able to explain the engineering reason behind what you say you experienced. Sounds like the answer is no.

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  11. jmills8
    I dont think you are asking, basically you came with a loaded question. Seems your aim is to cause an argument. If you believe it makes no difference then you have that right to continue believing that. Maybe you cant compute it and thats ok. You can create a thread on your question.
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  12. SearchOfSub

    wiring, spacing between parts, quality of psu and ripple etc. Different wiring causes different sounds, and spacing between the parts differ in jitter. Jitter is not just in software side, but hardware side as well.
    More jitter is more noise, and ripple effect in psu also causes small spikes vs. non spikes.
    Just like a piano key with same material used in same piano causes different sound, waveforms tend to differ with different materials used.
  13. bixby

    I told you were to go.  Not a scavenger hunt but I am not good at feeding trolls and last time I checked you did not pay me your tuition. [​IMG]  
    You want to know "why" and get educated, you need to do the work.
    Here are a few sources of info with relevant facts.  It really is not as simple as a paragraph or sentence other than it's all related to noise.

    None of these things change the digital value being transmitted.

    If were talking about an analog chain, then yes... Some of those things may have an effect. But for transmitting and receiving digital values, those artifacts are irrelevant.

    Jitter is a hardware measurment by the way, it doesn't exist at all in software.

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  15. bixby

    I agree, @GRUMPYOLDGUY should start a new thread and pose his question there in order to keep this thread somewhat on track.

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