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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. EagleWings
    I am not sure any such case exists for the X7+Mojo stack. In fact the case for the AK70+Mojo stack from Dignis, is the only case of its kind that I am aware of:
    A lot of us (DAP+Mojo stackers) are just stacking using either a dual side tape or 3m dual lock or rubber bands.
  2. EagleWings
    The best you can do is, get a leather case for X7 and a leather case for mojo and stick it together with glue to keep the thickness low.
  3. Ancipital
    I disagree extremely strongly. It's a lot of noise at max, and that occurs when the baseband chipset cranks the gain due to having trouble reaching the cell, and polls for it at high power. It's entirely dependant on where you are in relation to the local cells. I can use that stack all day, smugly walking around the neighbourhood without major issues. However, as soon as I get to certain spots on the train ride to work, which are signal black holes in the urban canyon, loud noise happens, every single time. Stick your stack in a Faraday cage with the headphone cable poking out, and you'll get a pretty good idea of the effect.
    It's not as simple as "I didn't notice any noise sitting at my desk"; as with many things in life, it's more complicated that that.
    It's probably the biggest flaw with the Mojo- it's worse than on much cheaper Fiio units, even. Chord's advice, for what it's worth, is to put your phone into flight mode. Since I have been doing that with my old phone, I have yet to notice a peep- with a very bog standard cable, free of ferrite chokes, even. Hopefully, that nails it.
  4. Scott_Tarlow
    Whats the point of having a high end dap like an AK and then using it with a portable dac/amp like the mojo? Why wouldnt u just plug your iphone into the mojo ? Why wouldn't you use the AK DAP straight up? 
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  5. Deftone
    i dont see the sense behind it either.
    some people have used their AK380 as a transport for it because mojo sounds better than 380. [​IMG]
    sell the AK380 + buy midrange android phone + plenty off change left over = proffit ££££££££
  6. apainlessa
    Ok. I did a 6 hour drive in the Scottish highlands last week. I was using the satnav on the phone, while listening to music through the Mojo. Phone in normal operation, or as normal as it gets in the highlands, signal wise. No noise. 
    All I'm saying, again, is that ymmv. Maybe you listen through very sensitive earphones or to music with high dynamic range. Or you like quiet recordings. Or your phone has no synergy in this respect with the Mojo. I don't know. Maybe I got lucky with my setup. I honestly couldn't tell you. I'm not getting loads of noise. I'm actually not getting any discernible noise at all.      
    Anyway, let's just agree to disagree on this one.
    And ymmv :wink:
  7. EagleWings
    Well the answer to your question is the post right above your's. Interference.
    You could argue 'why not get an iPod touch?'. And the answer is, say, Mojo runs out of battery, you are left to use the ipod touch, which might not please some users.
    So having a good DAP is like a backup for the mojo. It may not sound as good as the Mojo, but can offer a better SQ than the iPod touch.
    As for why some people use the AK380 with the Mojo, when they can save a lot by going for a cheaper options like an AK300. Well, for one, they are in a position to afford a AK380 as a back-up player but still prefer the sound of Mojo. Two, they want to have the best player available as a back-up. AK380 has PMEQ. You could argue that even AK320 has PMEQ. But then AK320 cannot do native DSD but the AK380 can.
    Is it the wisest financial decision? It depends on the individual. If the person values the PMEQ and the native DSD so much and would like to have it in the back-up player and has the funds to afford it, then it shouldn't matter.
  8. Scott_Tarlow
    Why not buy a battery pack?
    I'm not criticizing how people spend their money, I'm just purely interested. I know there is a bunch of adversarial traditions here on head-fi, which is why I don't come here often. I've gotten into bluetooth solutions for headphones so I've come back but otherwise I avoid this forum because of the previous stated reason. 
  9. Ancipital
    To be honest, if I'd paid AK prices and felt like I needed an external portable DAC/amp for it, I'd be sorely disappointed.
    I had a play with a Questyle Q1pr* recently, and I have to say, it sounded fine, in SE535 and PM-3. It wasn't quite as smooth and lovely as the Mojo, but for mobile use, not sitting in a quiet room with my eyes shut, it'd be pretty damn close.
    I can't say that if I'd paid that much for a dedicated player, let alone the fanciful prices for some of the AK stuff, that I'd be inclined to bother strapping a Mojo to it- it'd be because I wanted a box to handle everything in a sleek form factor on the go, and I'd expect the DAC and amp to do an adequate job for the price. Otherwise, you might as well use the cheapest player that gives you a stable coax out and can decode your favourite formats, for a fraction of the price- then strap that to the Mojo.
    Me, I'm cheap, I strapped my old S3 to the Mojo, and run Onkyo HF player on it- it seems to be more reliable as a USB player than either Neutron or UAPP. That probably doesn't have as much flashy brag appeal, but it works.
    * Mini review- great build quality, decent enough sound, primitive and unpleasant interface
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  10. Scott_Tarlow
    Yeah, I don't think there is any real justification beyond "I want Gadgets" which is fine. I also want gadgets lol. To say otherwise i think is intellectually disingenuous and is part of the worst parts of this forum. This is a place where people want gadgets, just admit it. 
  11. EagleWings
    That definitely is a good argument. Carrying a battery pack may work out for some people but some may find it cumbersome to carry an additional device.
    Not trying to be dismissive here. I am simply trying to think of all perspectives from the shoes of an AK380+Mojo stack owner. I stack my Mojo with a $200 Fiio X3ii.
    As for buying those DAPs for the need to own gadgets, it depends on the individual. If I had that kind of money, I probably would buy an expensive DAP because, I want gadgets. But not everyone would be like me. A person might want it for genuine reasons.
  12. EagleWings
    Fair enough. In fact, I am on the same boat as you. I'm thinking of purchasing a Lotoo Paw Gold to replace my Mojo, so that I can have a single device that does all. But, what if someone prefers the sound of Mojo, by a tiny margin, but also likes the sound and features of the expensive DAP and, has the funds to afford it? Like I said, it depends on the individual. We are not in a position to judge.
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  13. Ancipital
    Oh absolutely. My use of "I" was very deliberate there, however.
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  14. Scott_Tarlow
    You already are carrying an additional device. In your argument, you are carrying expensive DAP, phone (because who doesn't carry theirs) and mojo
    In my argument, you are carrying phone, mojo, battery. And the battery could be smaller than the DAP, and the battery could be smaller than the DAP pretty easy. 
    I guess if you didnt want to take your phone, but still wanted to listen to the mojo, then you could have a player + amp. But I still don't see that as being reasonable, because who goes without their phone for that long? It would be a very special circumstance. 
  15. EagleWings
    The battery came into picture when I mentioned the iPod touch option. So that is Phone + iPod + Mojo = 3 devices. And adding a battery makes it 4.
    I said that, using a phone may not be an option, because of the RF noise. So either ways you are carrying 3 devices already.

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